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208 PUBLIC TREATIES. be not of the sort of prohibited goods, may be confiscated in the same manner as if it belonged to the enemy, except such goods and merchandizes as were put on board such ship before the declaration of war, or even after such declaration, if so be it were done without knowledge of such declaration. So that the goods of the subjects and people of either party, whether they be of the nature of such as are prohibited or otherwise, which, as is aforesaid, were put on board any ship belonging to an enemy before the war or after the declaration of the same, without the knowledge of it, shall no ways be liable to confiscation, but shall well and truely be restored without delay to the proprietors demanding the same; but so as that if the said merchandizes be contraband, it shall not be any ways lawful to carry them afterwards to any ports belonging to the enemy. The two contracting parties agree, that the term of two months being passed after the declaration of war, their respective subjects, from whatever part of the world they come, shall not plead the ignorance mentioned in this article. ARTICLE XV. D¤m¤s¤¤ l>y¤1¤ip¤ And that more eifectual care may be taken for the security of the sub- °f "“ ““d P"*""" jects and inhabitants of both parties, that they sufer no injury by the °°°"' men-ofwar or privateers of the other party, all the commanders of the ships of Hi Most Christian Majesty and of the said United States, and all their subjects and inhabitants, shall be forbid doing any injury or damage to the other side; and if they act to the contrary, they shall be punished, and shall moreover be bound to make satisfaction for all matter of damage, and the interest thereof, by reparation, under the pain and obligation of their person and goods. Anrroma XVI. Captures by pi- All ships and merchandizes, of what nature soever, which shall be mm- rescued out of the hands of any pirates or robbers on the high seas shall be brought into some port of either State, and shall be delivered to the custody of the officers of· that port, in order to be restored entire to the true proprietor, as soon as due and sufficient proof shall be made concerning the property thereof. Anrxcnn XVII. _I:1nresmaybecar- It shall be lawful for the ships of war of either party, and privateers,

p;r€yP°”° freely to_carry whithersoever they please the ships and good taken

' from their enemies, without being obliged to pay any duty to the officers of the ad miralty or any other judges; nor shall such prizes be arrested or seized when they come to and enter the ports of either party; nor shall the searchers or other officers of those places search the same, or make examination concerning the lawfulness of such prizes, but they may hoist sail at any time, and depart and carry their prizes to the places expressed in their commissions, which the commanders of such Nosheltertocap- ships of war shall be obliged to show; ou the contrary, no shelter or gg3e2f 1:;,M T¤>¤¤ retiige shall be given in their ports to such as shall have made prize of P Y` the subjects, people, or property of either of the parties; but if such shall come in, being forced by stress of weather, or the danger of the sea, all proper means shall be vigorously used that they go out and retire from thence as soon as possible. Anrionn XVIII. Shipwreck. If any ship belonging to either of the parties, their people or subject , shall, within the coasts or domimons of the other, stick upon the sands or be wrecked, or suifer any other damage, all friendly assistance and relief shall be given to the persons shipwrecked, or such as shall bein