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FRANCE, 1782. 215 14, 15 February 1781 "50 000 15, 15 May, ’ ditto. . . .,. . . 000 16,15 August, ditto 750,000 17, 1 August,- ditto .. . . 1, 000,000 18, 15 November, ditto .. . . 750,000 0 ———-————- 4 00 .000 19,10 Aprn, 1782...;... . , .__ 1,500,000 ’ ’ 20, 1 July, ditto .. . ... . . 1, 500, 000 21, nof thesamemonth ..,, 3,000,000 —-—-——— 6, 000, 000 Amounting in the whole to 18 millions, viz. .. . . 18, 000, 000 By which receipts the said Minister has promised, in the name of Con- Interest. gross, and in behalf of the thirteen United States, to muse to be paid and reimbursed to the royal treasury of His Majesty, on the 1st of J anuary, 1788, at the house of his grand banker at Paris, the said sum of eighteen millions, money of France, with interest at nve por cent. per annum. Anrronn Il. Considering that the payment of so large a capital at the one stipu— Repayment of lated period, the lst of January, 1788, may greatly injure the nuances *h¤1¤¤¤¤· of the Congress of the United States, and it may perhaps be even impracticable on that footing, His Majesty has been pleased for that reason to recede in that respect from the tenor of the receipts which the Minister of Congress has given for the eighteen million livres tournois, mentioned in the foregoing article, and has consented that the payment of the capital in ready money, at the royal treasury, be in twelve equal payments of 1,500,000 livres each, and in twelve years only, to commence n·om the thu·d year after a peace. Aarronn IH. Although the receipts of the Minister of the Congress of the United 11,,.4,,;..,,.,;,551.,. States specify that the eighteen million of livres above mentioned are tercnt. to be paid at the royal treasury, with interest at five per cent. per annum, His Majesty being willing to give the said United States a new proof of his afection and friendship, has been pleased to make a present of, and to forgive the whole arrears of interest to this day, and from thence to the date of the treaty of peace; a favor which the Minister of the Congress of the United States acknowledges to now from the pure bounty of the King, and which he accepts in the name of the said United States with profound and lively acknowledgments. narrow IV. The payment of the said eighteen millions of livres tournois shall be internet to diin ready money at the royal treasury of His Majesty at Paris, in twelve }‘E::'1*'t*° ’”&P";!;°t;‘ equal parts, and at the terms stipulated in the above second article. P ym ‘ The interest of the said sum, at live per cent. per annum,_shall commence with the date of the treaty of peace, and shall be paid at every period of the partial payments of the capital, and shall diminish in proportion with the payments. The Congress of the said United States being left, however, at liberty to free themselves sooner from this obli- §tion by anticipated payments, in case the state of their nuances will mit. Aarxonn V. Although the loan of five millions of ilorins of Holland, agreed to by Loan madc by the States General of the United Provinces of the Netherlands, on }`;'_°·*:: $HI‘,E;'·t:g the terms of the obligation passed on the 5th of November, 1781, Qmm between His Majesty and the said States General, has been made in