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234 PUBLIC TREATIES. Ancriorn VI. ’ ‘ tam to The United States promise to execute such treaties and articles as vxggiiigdcgtaiu !¤- may have been agreed between Spain and the tribes and nations or ‘”“" “`°“'**’“· Indians, until, by mutual consent of the United States and the said tribes or nations, other suitable articles shall have been agreed upon. Ancrrcms VII. Em1¤¤ave privi— As it is reciprocally advantageous to the commerce of France and the

  • °4¤°°. ‘°""°¤°** Md United States to encourage the communication of both nations for a

SP"“'“° ""’“°l" limited time in the country ceded by the present treaty, until general arrangements relative to the commerce of both nations may be agreed on; it has been agreed between the contracting parties, that the French ships coming directly from France or any of her colonies, loaded only with the produce and manufactures of France or her said colonies; and the ships of Spain coming directly from Spain or any of her colonies, loaded only with the produce or manufactures of Spain or her colonies, shall be admitted during the space of twelve years in in the port of New Orleans, and in all other legal ports of entry within the ceded territory, in the same manner as the ships of the United States coming directly from France or Spain, or any of their colonies, without being subject to any other or greater duty on merchandise, or other or greater tonnage than that paid by the citizens of the United States. Duration ofpriv- During the space of time above mentioned, no other nation shall have i1•>B°¤· a right to the same privileges in the ports of the ceded territory; the twelve years shall commence three months after the exchange of ratiiications, if it shall take place in France, or three months after it shall have been notified at Paris to the French Government, if it shall take place in the United States; it is however well understood that the object of the above article is to favor the manufactures, commerce, freight, and navigation of France and of Spain, so far as relates to the importations that the French and Spanish shall make into the said ports of the United States, without in any sort affecting the regulations that the United States may make concerning the exportation of the produce and merchandize of the United States, or any right they may have to make such regulations. Aarrcrnt VIII. v,,,,,,,,fp,,,,,,,, In future and forever after the expiration of the twelve years, the on swung or mm ships of France shall be treated upon the footing of the most favoured f•V¤¤‘·d ¤¤¤i¤¤¤· nations in the ports above mentioned. Anrrcnm IX. A ,,,,,.,;,,,,1,,- ,,0,,- The particular convention signed this day by the respective ministers, ventiou to berati- having for its object to provide for the payment of debts due to the fied- citizens of the United States by the French Republic prior to the 30th [Bw P-235-] Septr., 1800, (Sth Vendémiaire, an 9,) is approved, and to have its execution in the ame manner as if it had been inserted in this present treaty; and it shall be ratified in the same form and in the same time, so that the one shall not be ratified distinct from the other. ` Another maven- Another particular convention signed at the same date as the present tion to be ratified. treaty relative to a. definitive rule between the contracting parties is in [See p-936-] the like manner approved, and will be ratified in the same form, and in the same time, and jointly. ABTIOLE X. R,,,m,,,,,,,,,,,_ The present treaty shall be ratified in good and due form, and the ratiiications shall be exchanged in the space of six months after the g2;c_li>;the signature by the Ministers Plenipotentinry, or sooner if 1 l