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GERMAN EMPIRE, 1871. 259 porting it by an official extract of the register of the vessel and the list of the crew, or by other official documents, to show that the men whom they claim belong to said crew. Upon such request alone thus supported, and without the exaction of any oath from the Consuls, the deserters (not being citizens of the country where the demand is made either at the time of their shipping or of their arrival in the port) shall be given up to the Consuls. All aid and protection shall be furnished them for the pursuit, seizure, and arrest of the deserters, who shall be taken to the prisons of the country and there detained at the request and at the expense of the Consuls, until the said Consuls may find an opportunity of sending them away. If, however, such opportunity should not present itself within the space of three months, counting from the day of the arrest, the deserters shall be set at liberty, and shall not again be arrested for the same cause. Ancrrcma XV. In the 'absence of an agreement to the contrary between the owners, Domsgcsmfcrcd freighters, and insurers, all damages suiiered at sea by the vessels of ” °°°· the two countries, whether they enter port voluntarily or are forced- by stress of weather, shall be settled by the Consuls General, Consuls, Vice-Consuls, and Consular Agents of the respective countries. If, ~ however, any inhabitant of the country, or citizen or subject of a third Power, shall be interested in the matter, and the parties cannot agree, the competent local authorities shall decide. Aarrcnn XVI. ln the event of a vessel belongin to the Government or owned by a W*°°k°d 0* citizen of one of the two contractifg parties being wrecked, or cast on d‘¥'“‘g°d "°°°]" shore, on the coast of the other, the local authorities shall inform the Consul General, Consul, Vice-Consul, or Consular Agent of the district df the occurrence, or if there be no such consular agency, they shall inform the Consul General, Consul, ViceConsnl, or Consular Agent of the nearest district. All proceedings relative to the salvage of American vessels wrecked B·l'¤z¤· or cast on shore in the territorial waters of the German Empire shall take place in accordance with the laws of Germany; and, reciprocally, all measures of salvage relative to German vessels wrecked or cast on shore in the territorial waters of the United States shall take place in accordance with the laws of the United States. The consular authorities have in both countries to intervene only to snperintend the proceedings having reference to the repair and revictualling, or, if necessary, to the sale of the vessel wrecked or_cast ou shore. For the intervention of the local authorities, no charges shall be made, except such as in similar cases are paid by vessels of the nation. In case of a doubt concerning the nationality of a shipwrecked vessel, the local authorities shall have exclusively the direction of the proceedings provided for in this article. All merchandise and goods not destined for consumption in the country where the wreck takes place shall be free of all duties. Aarronn XVII. With regard to the marks of labels of goods, or of their packages, T¤¤i¤-¤¤¤¤‘k¤· and also with regard to patterns and marks of — manufacture and trade, the citizens of Germany shall enjoy in the United States of America, and American citizens shall enjoy in Germany, the same protection as native citizens. `