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272 PUBLIU TREATIES. one person, and of the two names so proposed, one shall be drawn by lot in the presence of the two original commissioners. And the three commissioners so appointed shall be sworn, impartially to examine and decide the said question, according to such evidence as shall respectively be laid before them on the part of the British Government and of the United States. The said commissioners shall meet at Halifax, and shall have power to adjourn to such other place or places as they shall think fit. They shall have power to appoint a secretary, and to qmploy such surveyors or other persons as they ball judge necessary. e said commissioners shall b a declaration under their hands and seals, decide what river is this giver St. Croix,, intended by the treatv. [Sw ¢>¤i>l¤¤=¤*¤¤‘y The said declaration shall contain a description of the said river, and “"‘°l°l7°8¤P·283·] shall particularize the latitude and longitude of its mouth and of its source. Duplicates of this declaration and of the statements of their glccoumts, ajnd of the jtouénallqf their proceedinlgs, shall be delivered by em o the a ent o' is a'est and to the a ent of the United States, who mgy be respectivelly appointed and anéhorized to manage the business on behalf of the respective Governments. And both parties agree to consider such decision as nnal and conclusive, so as that the same shall never thereafter be called into question, or made the sub- Ject of dispute or difference between them. ARTICLE VI. claims of British Whereas it is alledged by divers British merchants and others His Ma.- °’°g:;"°Art_ I I jesty’s subjects, that debts, to a considerable amount, which were bona cogvmmm {wz: ii;ll:sa¢{)qpat;act(§_dt:etiqre‘t;1(;a gpaatqe, still zelmaip qlviug to them by citizens or . s e n1 s an at‘ ‘ . P`286] ful impediments since the peace, not only btheefhiflrzgddleiyvgdlghlg Ei:} debt has been delayed, but also the value and security thereof have been in several instances, impaired and lessened, so that, by the ordinary course of judicial proceedings, the British creditors cannot now obtain and actually have and receive full and adequate compensation for the lhsses United Smeg ,,0 and damages which they have thereby sustained: It is agreed that in all in a k e compensa- such cases, where full compensation for such losses and damages cannot

  • "°°· for whatever reason, be actually obtained had and received by the said

creditors in the ordinary course of justice; the United States will make full and complete compensation for the same to the said creditors- But it is distinctly understood, that this provision is to extend to such losses only as have been occasioned by the lawful impediments aforesaid and glxgg gsgggaf $:33 occasiionled by such insolvency of the debtors ua ave · the said impediments had Bdbt egisted; hbirgxshdh Fdgggcdriildzrhdgggidd ggygsibqepf qplqagmpuednby the manifest delay or negligence, or wilful Commissioners FOI` tl.10 pI1I` OSB of 3SOBI‘iG3lI1lD am I1 n 3 g gu

  • <> ¤·¤¤¤¤‘¤¤¤¤ 1¤¤¤¤¤· damages, five gommissioners shalhbtduappoirlstetl hind. a¥1tl:;$1dz:d?o medt

and acts_ in manner following, viz: Two of them shall be appointed b His Majesty, two of them by the President of the United States b and with the advice and consent of the Senate thereof and the fifth by th

51;]1(a.$n<€;11 suv<;ilp;>o=i;):]lr!eio;:£)¢2* four; and they shdnld not agree iuysucli

_ 4 s ersname te a "ss - ively propose one person, and of the twoynandsgopprrdlgoseldalddhsgdgil be drawn by lot, in the presence of the four original commissioners oath of commit- When the five commissioners thus appointed shall first t th ll. sioners. before they proceed to act, respectively take the foiiwoj Oy sha ’ aiiirmation, in the presence of each other- whi h th Owing Oath', or being so takenand duly attested, shall be ehtered oriathd itgcdgrltifqghteir Form of mm §;;$¢;4;dmfgsLg1z_: A. Bi, one of the commissioners appointed in pur- _ _ six article of the Treaty of Amity, Commerce, and Navigation, between His Britannic Ma est d h ' America do solemnl swe Hi J y m1" t 0 Ummd States of » .Y ar (or a rm) that I will honestly, diligently,