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GREAT BRITAIN, 1854. 33] ARTICIE II. It is agreed by the high contracting parties that British subjects shall Rights o£Britis1i have, in common with the citizens of the United States the liberty to ¤¤l>.iq¤*~¤ i}¤ Ammtake lish of every kind, except shell-fish, on the eastern sea-coasts and °““ *‘*’h°"°‘* shores of the United States north of the 36th parallel of north latitude, and on the shores of the several islands thereunto adjacent, and in the [See Article XIX, bays, harbors, and creeks of the said sea-coasts and shores of the tr<>=~*-y ¤f 187 L P- United States and of the said islands, without being restricted to any 362] distance from the shore, with permission to land upon the said coasts of the United States and of the islands aforesaid, for the purpose of dry- ing their nets and curing their fish: Provided, that, in so doing, they do not interfere with the rights of private property, or with the fishermen of the United States, in the peaceable use of any part of the said coasts in their occupancy for the same purpose. It is understood that the above-mentioned liberty applies solely to the Reserved Amerisea-iishery, and that salmon and shad fisheries, and all fisheries in rivers Wl ll*l*•*'l°S· and months of rivers, are hereby reserved exclusively for Hshermen of the United States. ARTICLE IH. It is agreed that the articles enumerated in the schedule hereunto an- Certain, articles nexed. being the growth and produce of the aforesaid British colonies ?_c“,;’ or of the United States, shall be admitted into each country respectively of d,,,,,,_ Y free of duty : Schedule. Grain, flour, and breadstniis, of all kinds. Animals of all kinds. Fresh, smoked, and salted meats. Cotton-wool, seeds, and vegetables. Undried fruits, dried fruits. Fish of all kinds. Products of lish, and of all other creatures living in the water. Poultry, eggs. · Hides, furs, skins, or tails, undressed. Stone or marble, in its crude or nnwrought state. Slate. Butter, cheese, tallow. Lard, horns, manures. Ores of metals, of all kinds. Goal. Pitch, tar, turpeutine, ashes. Timber and lumber of all kinds, round, hewed, and sawed, unmannfactnred in whole or in part. Firewood. Plants, shrubs, and trees. Pelts, wool. Fish-oil. Rice, broom-corn, and bark. Gypsum, ground or unground. Hewn, or wrought, or unwrought burr or grindstones. Dyestnifs. Flax, hemp, and tow, nnmanufactured. Unmanufactured tobacco. Rags- Asrrcm IV. It is agreed that the citizens and inhabitants of the United States shall Rights or Ammhave the right to navigate the River St. Lawrence, and the canals in Can- •>¤¤¤ m RNC; SQ ada used as the means of communicating between the great lakes and “ the Atlantic Ocean, with their vessels, boats, and crafts, as fully and