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RELATIVE TO NATURALIZATION, CONCLUDED AT WASHINGTON FEB- RUARY23 1871 · RATIFICATION ADVISED BY SENATE MARCH 22, 1871; RAT- IFIED BY, PRESIDENT MARCH 24, 1871; RATIFICATIONS EXCHANGED AT WASHINGTON MAY 4, 1871; PROCLAIMED MAY 5, 1871.- Preamble. Whereas by the second article of the convention between the United States of America. and Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kin gdoin [8,,,, A,,,,,],, H of Great Britain and Ireland, for regulating the citizenship of citizens emwcntinn of1B70; and subjects of the contracting parties who have emigrated or may P- 349-] emigrate, from the dominions of the one to those of the other party, signed at London, on the 13th of May, 1870, it was stipulated that the manner in which the renunciation by such citizens and subjects of their naturalization, and the resumption of their native allegiance may be made and publicly declared, should be agreed upon by the Govern- (3.,,,;,,,,,,;;,,,, pm-. ments of the respective countries, the President of the United States ties. of America and Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Irelond, for the purposelof effecting suclrlalgreement, gave resolved to conc ude a supp ementa convention an ave name as 1,;,,,,0,;,,,,,, their Plenipotentiaries, that is to say, the President of the United States of America, Hamilton _Fish, Secretary of State, and Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britgin ari; Irelar;d,OS1r Ed} ward Thornton Knight Commander of the ost onorab e rder o the Bath, and hbr Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to the United States of America- who have a eed as follows: 1 sr Anrrcmn I. 3,,.,;,,,,,5,4;;.,,, ,,4 Any person, being originally a citizen of the United States, who had n n t n rrp 1 i nations previously to May 13th, 1870, been naturalized as a British subject, may, ¥},“{g7F5"‘°’ **° MW at any time before August 10th, 1872, and any British subject who, at " ‘ the date iirst aforesaid, had been naturalized as a citizen within the United States, may, at any time before May 12th, 1872, publicly declare mK::;‘M'£‘: g;" his renunciation of such naturalization by subscribing an instrument ,,0 mmm_ y in writing, su lstantially in the form hereunto appended, and designated · as Annex A. It- wm,,,, ,, h ,, Such renunciation, by on original citizen of the United States, of United States. British nationality, shall, within the territories and jurisdiction of the United States, be made in duplicate, in the presence of any court author- If be d th byétlawl fol; the time btegug go admit haliens to naturalization, or _ you e ore e c er or pro ono ry o any suc court: if the declarant be

:,:5*;,;%;* *1*** beyond the territories of the United States, it shall be made in duplicate, before any diplomatic or consular officer of the United States. One

of such duplicates shall remain of record in the custody of the court or otiicer in whose presence it was made; the other shall be, without delay, transmitted to the Department of State. _1i‘ in the United Such renunciation, if declared by an original British subject, of his K¤¤i;<i<>¤¤· acquired nationality as a citizen of the United States, shall, if the O declarant be in th8·UDlb0d Kmgdom of Great Britain and Ireland, be m£rBep:;1n3;emiLn oia1d[eui1;3dii;phoa(te],I:'i;3,o'pre‘sence_ of a justice of th; peaoo ; if elsewhere; . · n 1 j ’ onnuions, in rip ica , in e presence o ‘°“"· any judge of civil or criminal jurisdiction, of any justice of the peace, or of any other officer for the time being authorized by law, in the place in which the declarant is, to administer an oath for any judicial or other It- 0,,, 0,- 1;,,,;,,], legal purpose: 1f out of _Her Maiesty’s dominions, in triplicate, in the Dominions. pyesence of any officor in the diplomatic or con ular service of Her ajesty. Anrrronn II. Ofqgxsmgpicggsng The contracting partieshereby engage to communicate each to the muouuoingf other, from time to time, lists of the personas who, within their respect- IVG domimons and territories, or before their diplomatic and consular