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HANOVER, 1861. 399 Anriotn IV. The sum of sixty thousand three hundred and fifty-three thalers cour- P¤¥l‘¤¤¤* of We ant, stipulated in Article III, shall be paid at Berlin, into the hands of l“d°'““i”Y· such person as shall have been authorized by His Majesty the King of Hanover to receive it, on the day of the exchange of ratiiications as hereinafter provided. In consideration of the fact that the stipulations contained in Articles I and 1I have already been applied to the American flag since the first day of July, 1861, the United States of America agree to pay besides, and the same time with the capital above named, the interest of that sum, at the rate of four per centum per annum, commencing with the first day of October, 1861. Arvrromn V. The execution of the obligations contained in the present treaty is Execution vf especially subordinated to the accomplishment of such formalities and "‘P“l“*"°““· rules as are established by the constitutions of the high contracting Powers, and the compliance with these formalities and rules bebrought about within the shortest delay possible. ARTICLE VI. The treaty of commerce and navigation concluded between the United Tr¤¤·ty of lm States of America and His Majesty the King of Hanover on the tenth *·° ’°“""“ ‘“ f°"°‘°· day of June, 1846, shall continue to remain in force, with the exception Exceptionof the stipulation contained in paragraph 3, Article I, which shall cease to have effect after the present treaty shall have been ratified. [See p. 407.] Anrrcnn VII. This treaty shall be approved and ratified, and the ratitications shall R¤·¤ifi¤¤¢i¤¤¤· be exchanged at the city of Berlin, within six months from the present date, or sooner if possible. In faith whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the Signatures. above articles, both in the English and German languages, and they have thereto affixed their seals. Done in duplicate at Berlin the sixth day of November, in the year Dam, of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, and the Independence of the United States of America the eighty-sixth. N. B. JUDD. [L. s.] WILHELM AUGUST VON REITZENSTEIN. [L. s. PROTOCOLE. Nov. 6, 1861. It remains understood that, until the execution of the stipulations Protocol. contained in Articles V and VII of the treaty of to-day shall have taken place, the Hanoverian Government shall preserve the right, provisionally, by way of precaution, to maintain the dues which it has agreed to T m m W abolish. But as soon as the United States of America shall have ful- caufiofs ry P filled the stipulations therein mentioned, the Hanoverian Government shall order the discharge of that temporary measure of precaution, as regards merchandise transported in American vessels. Until, however, all the Powers, parties to the general treaty of the 22d day of June, 1861, concerning the abolition of the Stade or Brunshausen dues, shall have fulfilled the engagements contained in the Articles VI and VII of the last-named treaty, it shall have power to require of American vessels a proof of their nationality, without thereby causing them a delay or detention. Dm, Done at Berlin the 6th November, 1861. ' N. B. JUDD. L. s. WILHELM AUGUST VON REITZENSTEIN. {L. S.}