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458 Puerto TREATIES. J APAN. 1864. January 2e,1e64. CONVENTION BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND THE EM- ————-—-—»ae—- p112E or JAPAN FOR REDUCTION OF IMPORT DUTIES. OONOLIIDED AT YICDO. JANUARY 2e, ism; RATIFICATION ADVISED BY SENATE 1·`lil$ltU— ARY 21, 1866; RATIFIED BY PRESIDENT APRIL 0, ieee; PROLJLAIAIED APRIL 9, 1866. Negetinme. For the purpose of encouraging and facilitating the commerce of the citizens of the United States in Japan, and after due deliberation, His Excellency Robert H. Pruyn, Minister Resident of the United States in Japan, and His Excellency Sibata Sadataro, Governor for Foreign Aiiairs, both having full powers from their respective Governments, have agreed on the following articles, viz : Amixorm I. Articles free of The following articles, used in the preparation and packing of teas, ¢l¤*·N· shall be free of duty: Sheet lead, solder, matting, rattan, oil for painting, indigo, gipsum, tiring pans, and baskets. ARTICLE II. AP ¤‘¤d¤¤¤d duty The following articles shall be admitted at the reduced duty of tive of hve per cent. pe,. Cem, , Machines and machinery ; drugs and medicines. NOTE.- The prohibition of the importation of opium, according to the existing treaty, remains in full force. Iron, in pigs or bars; sheet iron and iron wire; tin plates, white sugar, in loaves or crushed ; glass and glassware ; clocks, watches, and watch chains; wines, malted and spirituous liquors. A.s:r1c1.1s III. _Paymcut of du- The citizens of the United States, importing or exporting goods, shall

  • '°*’- always pay the duty fixed thereon, whether such goods are intended tor

their own use or not. Anrrorm IV. When treaty to This convention having been agreed upon a year ago, and its signa

  • °·k° ¤i*`°°*· ture delayed through unavoidable circumstances, it is hereby agreed

that the same shall go into eifect, at Kanagawa, on the Sth of February next, corresponding to the drst day of the iirst month of the tourth Japanese year of Bunkin Ne, and at Nagasaki and Hakodate on the 9th day of March next, corresponding to the first day of the second month of the fourth Japanese year of Bunkin Ne. Done in quadruplicate; each copy being written in the English, J ap- 1),,,,,1, vm;,,,, of anese, and Dutch languages; all the versions having the same meaning, treaty. but the Dutch version shall be considered as the original. S;g,,,,,,,,,m_ In witness whereof the above-named Plenipotentiaries have hereu¤b0 set their hands and seals, at the city of Yedo, the 28th day of January, of the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-four, and of the Independence of the United States the eighty-eighth, corre- Date. spending to the twentieth day of the twelfth month of the third year of Bnnkin Ye of the Japanese era. [san,.] ROBERT H. PRUYN.