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MEXICO, 1831. 475 so the South Scayall tho islands in the Sabine, and the said Rod and I¤!¤¤<1¤i¤ the Sn- Arkuusas Rivers, throughout the course thus described, to belong to "‘“°·R°‘T· ‘““* A" me United States of America; but the use of the waters and cho uavi- k°°°°° R""°‘ gaticu of the Sabina to the san, and of the said rivers Roxo and Arkansas, throqgbout the extums of the said boundary on their respective .N°'*€°“°" °f banks, shall be common to the respecti\*ciuhabitant,s of both nucious. mm"' The two high contracting parties agree to ccdc and renounce all their Mutual munrigbts, claims, and pretensions to the territories described by the said °*¤*i°¤ °*` °1¤*¤*¤· line ; that is to say, the United States hereby cedc to His Catholic Mujcsty, and renounce forcvcr, all their rights, claims, and pretsensions to the territories lying west and south of the a.b0vc·dcscribed line; m1d,iu like manner, His Catholic M ajcsty ccdes to the said United States all his rights, claims, and prctensious to any territories east and north of the said line; and, for himself, his hairs, and successors, ranounccs ull claim to the said territories forever. Amzwmz HI. T0 hx this line with more precision and to plucc the landmarks which Commissioners shall designate exactly the limits of both nations, each of the contract- *¤ ¤¤¤ uw NM- ing parties shall appoint a commissioner aud as surveyor, who shall _L$¤¤ ¤¤<¤>¤<! M- meet before the termination of one year from tho date of the mtiiication g‘“{,Q{"§ “f8§£°1°· of this treaty, at Natchitoches, 011 the Red River, and proceed to run and 4t%_]’ P` mark the said line, from the mouth of the Sabine to the Red River, and from the Rod River to thu river Arkansas, and to ascertain the latitude of the source of the said river Arkansas, in conformity to what is above agreed upon and stipulated, and the line of latitude forty-two to the South Sca. They shall make out plans and keep journals of their pro- A;-moment cram ceediugs; and the result agreed upon by them shall be considered as ¤<>¤¤mi¤¤i<>¤¤r•- part of this treaty, and shall have the same force as if it were inserted therein. The two Govern ments will amicably agree respecting the uccessary articles to be furnished to those persons, and also as mtheir respective escorts, should such be/deemed necessary. Auzvrcnm IV. The present treaty shall be ratidcd, and the ratiiicatious shall be cx- Rauinmiopg. changed at Washingfou, within the term of four months, or sooner if l_[3*:l°¤d3;)*·¤*;*;;l mule. " · · · mln witness whereof we, the respective Plenipotontiarics, have signed ugggmmm the same and have hereunto adixed our respective seals. ` Dona at Mexico this twelfth day of January, in the year of our Lord D¤f•· one thousand eigbt hundred and twenty-eight, in the iifby-second year of the Independence of the United States of America, and in the eighth of that of the United Mexican States. J. R. POINSETT. L. s. S. CAMACHO. L. s. J. Y. ESTEVA. L. s. MEXICO, 1831. ·_ , T 0 ‘ JA ARY 12, 1828, WITH A ru 5, 1831.

  • ‘3&‘§}8§%¤£§H}€};§{£2 £%§?§§ £gR%;¥>¥[g31§BRAT¥F[§cATION ADVISED -L.—.

BY SENATE APRIL 4. 1832; BATIFIED BY PRESIDENT; RATIFICATIONS EXCHANGED AT WASHINGTON APRIL 5, 1832; PROCLAIMED 4PRIL 5, 1832. Additzlmal article to the treaty of limits concluded between the United States of America and tI•c·U1•itcd Mexican States on the 12th day ofJanuary, 1828. The time having elapsed which was stipulated fox· the exchange of Preamble. mtiiications of the treaty of limits between thp Umtqd States of Amgr- [Sm, A,,i,,k, Iv, ica and the United Mexican States, signed ID Mexico on the twallth tyonty of 1828.]