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MEXICO, 1831. 479 private, through stress of weather, pursuit of pirates or enemies tthey shall be received and treated with humanity, with the precautions which may be deemed expedient on the part of the respective Governments in order to avoid fraud, giving to them all favor and protection for repairing their vessels, procuring provisions, and placing themselves in a sétpcation to continue their voyage without obstacle or hindrance of any Anrrcmz XI. All vessels, merchandise, or edects, belonging to the citizens of one of Captures by pithe contracting parties, which may be captured by pirates, whether ”**°°· within the limits of its jurisdiction, or on the high seas, and may be carried into or found in the rivers, bays, ports, or dominions of the other, shall be delivered up to the owners, they proving, in due and proper form, their rights before the competent tribunal; it being well understood that the claim shall be made within the term if one year, counting from the capture of said vessels or merchandise, by the parties themselves, or their attorneys, or by the agents of the respective Governments. Anrrctn XII. When any vessel belonging to the citizens of eitherof the contracting Wrwkcd a n rl parties shall be wrecked, foundered, or shall suifer any damage on the d‘““°B°" "°“°°l°· coasts or within the dominions of the other, there shall be given to it all the assistance and protection in the same manner which is usual and customary with the vessels of the nation where the damage happens; permitting them to unload the said vessel if necessary, of its merchandise and edects, with the precautions which may be deemed expedient on the part of the respective Governments, in order to avoid fraud, without exacting for it any duty, impost, or contribution whatever, until they be exported. Anrronn XIII. In whatever relates to the succession of [personal] estates, either by Di¤1¤<>¤¤1 Md i¤- will or ab intestate [and the rights of ] disposal of such property, of £_€yP°" whatever sort or denomination it may be, by sale, donation, exchange, P P ' or testament, or in in any other manner whatsoever, the citizens of the two contracting parties shall enjoy, in their respective States and territories, the same privileges, exemptions, liberties, and rights, as native citizens; and shall not be charged, in any of these respects, with other or higher duties or imposts than those which are now or may hereafter be paid by the citizens of the Power in whose territories they may reside. Anrrcm XIV. Both the contracting parties promise and engage to give their special P¤>¤¤<=¤id<>¤ t 0 protection to the persons and property of the citizens of each other, of §f;;f’““ ‘“‘ P’°P' all occupations, who may be in their territories, subject to the jurisdiction of the one or of the other, transient or dwelling therein; leaving open and free to them the tribunals of justice for their judicial recourse, on the same terms which are usual and customary with the natives or citizens of the country in which they may be; for which they may employ, in defence of their rights, such advocates solicitors, notaries, agents, and factors, as they may judge proper, in all their trials at law; and the citizens of either party, or their agents, shall enjoy, in every respect, the same rights and privileges, either in prosecuting or defending their rights of person or of property, as the citizens of the country where the cause may be tried. Ancrmnn XV. The citizens of the United States of America residing in the United §¤>¤urif·y vf wu- Mexican .States shall enjoy in their houses, persons, and properties-the “°‘°“°°·