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MEXICO, 1839. 489 Aurrcm V. The said commissioners shall, by a report under their hands and seals R°P°'* °f °°'”‘ decide upon the jnstice of the said claims and the amount of compensa: mi°°i°°°"' . tion, nf any, due from the Mexican Government in each case. “X{3f‘j(,}t3f;,;;;‘f,} ARTICLE VL 1848, pp. 4.l7, 43::.] It is agreed that if it should not be convenient for the Mexican Gov- PU m °¤ * °*` ernment to pay at once the amount so found due, it shall be at liberty, """"d· _ immediately after the decisions in the several eases shall have taken [Sw °°“"°“"‘°“ place, to issue Treasury notes, receivable at the maritime custom-houses °f 1843'p'490`492'] of the Republic in payment of any duties which may be due or imposed at said custom-houses upon goods entered for importation or exportation; said Treasury notesto bear interest at the rate of eight per centum per annum from the date of the award on the claim in payment of which said Treasury notes shall have been issued until that of their receipt at the Mexican custom-houses. But as the presentation and receipt of said Treasury notes at said custom—houses in large amounts might be inconvement to the Mexican Government, it is further agreed that, in such case, the obligation of said Government to receive them in payment of guges, as above stated, may be limited to one-half the amount of said u es. ARTICLE VII. It is further agreed that in the event of the commissioners differing Di¢*`¤¤*¤¤¤¤¤{ ¢¤ lm in relation to the aforesaid claims, they shall, jointly or severally, draw "°K"‘g °f up a report stating, in detail, the points on which they differ, and the [Sw 'Amc,8 I grounds upon which their respective opinions have been formed. And u,,,,,,,,,,,, c,,,,,,,,,,] it is agreed that the said report or reports, with authenticated copies of ti¤¤¤£1e43,p.50a.] all documents upon which they may be founded, shall be referred to the decision of His Majesty the King of Prussia. But as the documents relating to the aforesaid claims are so voluminous that it cannot be expected His Prussian Majesty would be willing or able personally to investigate them, it is agreed that he shall appoint a person to act as an arbiter in his behalf; that the person so appointed shall proceed to Washington; that his travelling expenses to that city and from thence on his return to his place of residence in Prussia, shall be defrayed, one-half by the United States and onehalf by the Mexican Republic; and that he shall receive as a compensation for his services a sum equal to one·half the compensation that may be allowed by the United States to one of the commissioners to be appointed by them, added to one-half the compensation that may be allowed by the Mexican Government to one of the commissioners to be appointed by it. And the compensation of such arbiter shall be paid, one·half by the United States and one-half by the Mexican Government. ARTICLE VIII. Immediately after the signature of this convention, the Plenipoten- King of _Prnssia tinries of the contracting parties (both being thereunto competently au· *° b§]t*3:°i’f)_ ‘° tborizcd) shall, by a joint note, addressed to the Minister for Foreign “PE’;“ A [1;,0 v Affairs of His Majesty the King of Prussia, to be delivered by the num,,,,,,,, ,,0,,,,,,,] Minister of the United States at Berlin, invite the said monarch to ap- tg0,, orie4;;,p, 503,] point an umpire to actin his behalf in the manner above mentioned, in case this convention shall be ratified respectively by the Governments of the United States and Mexico. Anrrcnm IX. It is agreed that, in the event of His Prussian Majesty’s declining to si {SGI5H1g2f P¤'°¤· appoint an umpire to act in his behalf, as aforesaid, the contracting par- ‘ ties, on being informed thereof, shall, without delay, invite Her Britanmc Majesty, and in case of her declining, His Majesty the King of the