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MEXICO, 1848. 497 forthwith to ed‘ect their release and delivery to the Mexican agent, as above stipulated. For the purpose of giving to these stipulations the fullest pos iblc United Stews to enicacy, thereby affording the security and redress demanded by their P" ° “°°°”“'“Y ti-ue spirit and intent, the Government of the United States will now I""' and hereafter pass, without unnecessary delay, and alwavs vigilantly enforce, such laws as the nature of the subject may renuire. And, finally, the sacredness of this obligation shall never be lost sight of by the said Government, when providing for the removal of the Indians from any portion of the said territories, or for its being settled by citizens of the United States ; but, on the contrary, special care shall then be taken not to place its Indian occupants under the necessity of seeking new homes, by committing those invasions which the United States have solemnly obliged themselves to restrain. Anrrcnn XII. In consideration of the extension acquired by the boundaries of the Amount to be United States, as defined in the fifth article of the present treaty, the Wd *0 M°¤i°°· Government of the United States engages to pay to that of the Mexi- [SW A**i°l° V-] can Republic the sum of fifteen millions of dollars. Immediately after this treaty shall have been duly ratified by the Govern ment of the Mexican Republic, the sum of three millions of dollars shall be paid to the said Government by that of the United States, at the city of Mexico, in the gold or silver coin of Mexico. The remaining twelve millions of dollars shall be paid at the same place, and [BW I>¤'°*°°°l· P- in the same coin, in annual instalments of three millions of dollars each, 502*] together with interest on the same at the rate of six per centum per nunum. This interest shall begin to run upon the whole sum of twelve millions from the day of the ratification of the present treaty by the Mexican Government, and the first of the instalments shall be paid at the expiration of one year from the same day. Together with each annual instalment, as it falls due, the whole interest accruing on such instalment from the beginning shall also be paid. Aarronn XIII. The United States engage, moreover, to assume and payto the claim- United States to ants all the amounts now due them, and those hereafter to become due, pay ¤l¤i¤¤¤¤¤¤· by reason of the claims already liquidated and decided against the Mex- [Sw nwgwi ican Republic, under the conventions between the two republics sever- ““d PPA ] ally concluded on the eleventh day of April, eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, and on the thirtieth day of January, eighteen hundred and forty-three; so that the Mexican Republic shall be absolutely exempt, for the future, from all expense whatever on account of the said claims. Amucnn XIV. The United States do furthermore discharge the Mexican Republic Mexican Governfrom all claims of citizens of the United States, not heretofore decided 20;* :1 a‘};;';l*°'8°d against the Mexican Government, which may have arisen previously to the date of the signature of this treaty; which discharge shall be final and perpetual, whether the said claims be rejected or be allowed by the board of commissioners provided for in the following article, and whatever shall be the total amount of those allowed. Auctions XV. The United States. exouerating Mexico from all demands on_acconnt United States to of the claims of their citizens mentioned in the preceding article, and z=;l;?M:£¤¤¤¤•=¤¤¤¤ considering them entirely and forever cancelled, whatever their amount may be. undertake to make satisfaction for the same, to an amount not n rv---32