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508 PUBLIC TREATIES. Ancrronm IV. Surrender how On the part of each country the surrender of fugitives from justice made. shall be made only by the authority of the Executive thereof, except in the case of crimes committed within the limits of the frontier States or Territories, in which latter case the surrender may be made by the chief civil authority thereof, or such chief civil or judicial authority of the districts or counties bordering on the frontier as may for this purpose be duly authorized by the said chief civil authority of the said frontier States or Territories, or if, from any cause, the civil authority of such State or Territory shall be suspended, then such surrender inay be made by the chief military officer in.command of such State or Territory. Alnrronn V. E¤$P¢¤¤¢¤ ¤f d¤· All expenses whatever of detention and delivery effected in virtue of ff;’c°;"“ ““‘1 d°' the preceding provisions shall be borne and defrayed by the Governy' ment or authority of the frontier State or Territory in whose name the requisition shall have been made. Anrrcnn VI. _ Political offenses The provisions of the present treaty shall not be applied in any man- ¤°* *¤°l¤d°d- ner to any crime or offence of a purely political character, nor shall it Fugitive slaves embrace the return of fugitive slaves, nor the delivery of criminals who, ¤°*i¤°l¤d°d· when the offence was committed, shall have been held in the place Oifenses com- where the offence was committed in the condition of slaves, the same nritfpd by ¤l¤v¤¤ being expre sly forbidden by the Constitution of Mexico; nor shall the “°“ “‘°1"d°°· provisions of the present treaty be applied in any manner to the crimes _ Piwt ¤iY¤¤¤¢¤ Mt enumerated in the third article committed anterior to the date-of the “‘°]“d°‘]· exchange of the ratitications hereof Neither party to Neither of the contracting parties shall be bound to deliver up its

 its own own citizens under the stipulations of this treaty.

AR.TI(7LE VII. D¤1‘¤ti¤¤ <>f This treaty shall continue in force until it shall be abrogated by the

  • '°“*Y· contracting parties, or one of them ; but it shall not be abrogated except

by mutual consent, unless the party desiring to abrogate it shall give twelve months' previous notice. ARTICLE VIII. rntmieetieee. The present treaty shall be ratified in conformity with the Constitutions of the two countries, and the ratitications shall be exchanged at the of Mexico within six months from the date hereof, or earlier if possi e. 5;g,,,,;m·c,_ In witness whereof we, the Plenipotentiaries of the United States of America and of the United Mexican States, have signed and sealed these presents. pM,,_ Done in the city of Mexico ou the eleventh day of December, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, the eighty- sixth of the Independence of the United States of America, and the forty-nrst of that of the United Mexican States. THOS. CORWIN. L. s., SEB’N LERDO DE TEJADA. L. s.