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MOROCCO, 1836. 523 our vessels; and the same regulations shall be observed toward the American vessels sailing from our ports, be their enemies Moors or Christians. ARTICLE XII. If any ship of war belonging to the United States shall put into any Ships of war of of our ports, she shall not be examined on any pretence whatever, even U¤l*°d $*****5- though she should have fugitive slaves on board, nor hall the governor or commander of the place compel them to be brought on shore on any pretext, nor require any payment for them. ARTICLE XIII. If a ship of war of either party shall put into a port of the other, and Salutes. salute, it shall be returned from the fort with an equal number of guns, not more or less. ARTICLE XIV. _ The commerce with the'United States shall be on the same footing as ¤¤¤¤¤¤<>r¤•> ¤¤ 18 the commerce with Spain, or as that with the most favored nation for QQJQQBQ Q “‘°" the time being; and their citizens shall be respected and esteemed, and ° l°°' have full liberty to pass and repass our country and seaports whenever they please, without interruption. ARTICLE XV. Merchants of both countries shall employ only such interpreters, and Privileges of mersuch other persons to assist them in their business as they shall think °h““*°· proper. No commander of a vessel shall transport his wrgo on board another vessel; he shall not be detained in port longer than he may think proper- and all persons employed in loading or unloading goods, or in any other labor whatever, shall be paid at the customary rates, not more and not less. ARTICLE XVI. In msc of a war between the parties, the prisoners are not to be made E¢¤h¤¤s• ¤f slaves, but to be exchanged, one for another, captain for captain, officer l""’°“°"‘ for officer, and one private man for another; and if there shall prove a deficiency on either side, it shall be made up by the payment of one hundred Mexican dollars for each person wanting. And it IS agreed that all prisoners shall be exchanged in twelve months from the time of their being taken, and that this exchange may be effected by a merchant or any other person authorized by either of the parties. Anrrom XVII. Merchants shall not be compelled to buy or sell any kind of goods }’¤;,9hms¤¤d but such as they shall think proper, and may buy and sell all sorts of °“ ° li ‘ merchandise but such as are prohibited to the other Christian nations. ARTICLE XVIII. All goods shall be weighed and examined before they are sent on g0E;‘f‘”l““*l°“ °‘ board; and to avoid all detention of vessels, no examination shall afterwards be made, unless it shall iirst be proved that contraband goods have been sent on board, in which case the persons who took the contraband goods on board shall be punished according to the usage and custom of the country, and no other person whatever shall be injured, nor shall the ship or cargo incur any penalty or damage whatever.