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OT'.l`OMAN.EMPIRE, 1862. 589 Aarrcm XII. The Sublime Porte, desirin to n b mean· ·· _ · .·..,..w..t..t..€.ti.‘§‘i.%.1,’{t...t.$.?.€§.‘§‘.i‘§3h°§§£§§§‘€€§a "`““‘“"""‘ the duty of three per cent.,_levied up to this time on articles imported into the Ottoman Empue, in their passage through the Ottoman Empire to other countries, shall be reduced to two per cent., payable as the duty of three per cent. has been paid hitherto, on arriving in the Ottoman dominions; and at the end of eight years, to be reckoned trom the day of the exchange of the ratiiications of the present treaty, to a fixed and definite tax of one per cent., which shall be levied, as is to be the case with respect to Ottoman produce exported, to defray the expense °‘f§g‘§"Ef’°"‘P t . .1. e u 1me or e, a e same time, declares that it reserves to itself Revenue frauds. the right to establish, by a special enactment, the measures to he adopted for the prevention of fraud. Anrromn XIII. Citizens of the United States of America, or their agents, trading in Pri v 1 logos of goods the produce or manufacture of foreign countries, hall be subject *·'“d°'°· to the same taxes and enjoy the same rights, privileges, and immunities, as foreign subjects dealing in goods the produce or manufacture of their own country. Anrronn XIV. An exception to the stipulations laid down in the fifth article shall be Tobacco a u d made in regard to tobacco in any shape whatsoever, and also in regard ***1*- to salt, which two articles shall cease to be included among those which the citizens of the United States of America are permitted to import into the Ottoman dominions. Citizens of the United States, however, or their agents, buying or selling tobacco or salt for consumption in the Ottoman Empire, shall be subject to the same regulations and shall pay the same duties as the most favored Ottoman subjects trading in the two articles aforesaid; and furthermore, as a compensation for the prohibition of the two articles above mentioned, no duty whatsoever shall in future be levied on those articles when exported from the Ottoman Empire by citizens of the United States. Citizens of the United States shall, nevertheless, be bound to declare the quantity of tobacco and salt thus exported to the proper customhouse authorities, who shall, as heretofore, have the right to watch over the export of these articles, without thereby being entitled to levy- any tax thereon on any pretence whatsoever. Anrrcnn XV. It is understood between the two contracting parties that the Sublime 0 ¤¤v¤W du. Porte reserves to itself the faculty and right of issuing a general pro- “"”“· "”°· hibition against the importation into the Ottoman Empire_ of gunpowder, cannon, arms of war, or military stores, but such prohibition will not come into operation until it shall have been officially notined, and will apply only to the articles mentioned in the decree enacting the prohibition. Any of these articles which have not been so specifically prohibited shall, on being imported into the Ottoman Empire, be subject to the local regulations, unless the legation of the United_States of America shall think lit to apply for a special license, which will lll that case be granted, provided no valid objection thereto can he alleged. Gunpowder, in particular, when allowed to be imported, will be liable to the following stipulations: _ _ _ 1. It shall not be sold by citizens of the United States in quantities exceeding the quantities prescribed by the local regulations.