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PERSIA, 1856. 599 P E R S I A. PERSIA, 1856. TREATY or FRIENDSHIP AND COMMERCE BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES DM- 1*% 1856- OF AMERICA AND HIS MAJESTY THE SHAH OF PERSIA, CONCLUDED '_"‘”"_‘ AT CONSTANTINOPLE DECEMBER 1:;, 1856; RATIFICATION ADVISED BY SENATE MARCH 10, ism; RATIFIED BY PRESIDENT MARCH 12, 1857; RATIFICATICNS EXCHANGED AT CONSTANTINOPLE JUNE 13, 1857; PRO- CLAIMED AUGUST 18, 1857. In the name of God, the clemeut and the merciful. The President of the United States of North America, and His Majesty Contracting puas exalted as the planet Saturn; the Sovereign to whom the sun serves tiesas a standard; whose splendor and magnihcence are equal to that of the skies; the Sublime Sovereign, the Monarch whose armies are as numerous as the stars; whose greatness calls to mind that of J einshid; whose magniticence equals that of Darius; the heir of the crown and throne of the Kayanians; the Sublime Emperor of all Persia; being both equally and sincerely desirous of establishing relations of friendship between the two Governments, which they wish to strengthen by a treaty of friendship and commerce reciprocally advantageous and useful to the citizens and subjects of the two high contracting parties, have for this purpose named for their Plenipotentiaries: The President of the United States of North America, Carroll Spence, N¤g¤*i¤¤¤f¤· Minister Resident of the United States near the Sublime Porte; and His Majesty the Emperor of all Persia, His Excellency Emiu ul Molk Farrukh Khan, Ambassador of His Imperial Majesty the Shah, decorated with the portrait of the Shah, with the great cordon blue, and bearer of the girdle of diamonds, &c., _&c., Svc., &c. And the said Plenipotentiaries, having exchanged their full powers, which were found to be in proper and due form, have agreed upon the following articles : ARTICLE I. There shall be hereafter a sincere and constant good understanding Sincere and com between the Government and citizens of the United States of North ****1* °·¤“*Y· America and the Persian Empire and all Persian subjects. ARTICLE II. The Ambassadors or Diplomatic Agents whom it may please either of Ambassadors and the two high contracting parties to send and maintain near the other d¤I>l¤¤¤¤¤¤ ¤s¤¤¤¤· shall be received and treated, they and all those composing their missions, as the Ambassadors and Diplomatic Agents of the most favored nations are received and treated in the two respective countries; and they shall enjoy there, in all respects, the same prerogatives and immumties. ARTICLE III. The citizens and subjects of the two high contracting parties-travet dPmteetio¤ wreslcrs, merchants, manufacturers, and others—who may reside In the * °¤*”· territory of either country, shall be respected and efiiciently protected by the authorities of the country and their agents, and treated_ in all respects as the subjects and citizens of the most favored nation are treated.