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PERU, 1841. 61 1 P E R U CONVENTION BETWEEN THE mm OF reno FOR m‘“§‘ZF£i—?é§E§°€F‘t‘€£t€é$‘Rt“ii¤“l§iéTi$¤‘ 1··:2*1i3·E; CITIZENS, CONCLUDED AT LIMA MARCH 17, 1841; RATIFICATION AD- VISED BY SENATE JANUARY .11843; RATIFIED BY PRESIDENT JANUARY 12, 1843; R.AT1I·‘ICA'l`IONS EXCHANGED AT LIMA JULY 22, 1843; PRO- CLAIMED FEBRUARY 21, 1844; MODIFICATION CONSENTED TO AND TIME FOR EFFECTIVE EXCHANGE OF RATIFICATIONS EXTENDED BY SENATE MAY 29, 11346; RATIFICATIONS EXCHANGED A SECOND TIME, AT LIMA, OCTOBER 31, 1846; PROCLAIMED FINALLY JANUARY 8, 1847. The United States of America and the Republic of Peru, desirous (y,,,,,,,,,,;,,,, PM. of consolidating permanently the good understanding and friendship ties. now happily existing between the parties, have resolved to arrange and terminate their differences and pretensions, by means of a convention that shall determine exactly the responsibilities of Peru with nllespect to the claims of certain citizens of the United States against er; And with this intention, the President of the United States has ap- Nsgotlstm. pointed James C. Pickett, Charge d’A1faires of said States near Peru, and Elis Excellency the President of the Republic of Peru has appointed Don Manuel del Bio, principal ouicer of the Department of Finance, Acgng Minister of the same Department and Supernumerary Councillor Of tate; And both Commissioners, after having exchanged their powers, have agreed upon and signed the following articles z Aarronm I. The Peruvian Government, in order to make full satisfaction for va- $*;*1*: *°Ub°, Im"} rious claims of citizens of the United States, on account of seizures, §f,’,,m_° '" °‘ captures, detections, sequestrations, and conhscatious of their vessels, or for the damage and destruction of them, of their cargoes, or other property, at sea, and in the ports and territories of Peru, by order of said Government of Peru, or under its authority, has stipulated, to pay to the United States, the sum of three hundred thousand dollars, which

hall he distributed among the claimants, in the manner and according

to the rules that shall be prescribed by the Government of the United States. Anrrcun II. The sum of three hundred thousand dollars, which the Government Iustalments. of Peru has agreed to pay, in the preceding article, shall be paid at Lima, in ten equal annual instalments of thirty thousanddollars each, to the person or persons that may be appointed by the United States to receive it. The ilrst instalment shall be paid on the first day of J anuary, in the your one thousand eight hundred and tbrty-four, and an instalment on the first day of each succeeding January, until the whole sum of three hundred thousand dollars shall be paid. Aumcuz III. The Peruvian Government agrees also to pay interest on the before- Interest. mentioned sum of three hundred thousand dollars, at the rate of four per ceutum per annum,to be computed from the iirst day of January, one thousand eight hundred and forty-two, and the IHECFOSU accruing on