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632 PUBLIC TREATIES. their respective Governments, in support of or in answer to any claim, and to hear, if required, one person on each side on behalf of each Government as Counsel or Agent for such Government, on each and every separate claim. Should they fail to agree in opinion on any individual claim, they shall call to their assistance the Arbitrator or Umpire whom they have agreed to name, or who may be determined by lot, as the case may be, and such Arbitrator or Umpire, after having examined the evidence adduced for and against the claim, and after having heard, as required, one person on each side, as aforesaid, and consulted with the Commissioners, shall decide thereupon finally and without appeal. The decisions of the Commissioners and of the Arbitrator or Umpire shall be given upon each claim in writing, and shall be signed by them respect- GA$°““ °f,° “°h ively. It shall be competent for each Government to name one person °v°mm°°to attend the Commissioners as agent on its behalf, and to answer claims made upon it, and to represent it generally in all matters connected with the investigation and decision thereof Decisions to be The President of the United States, and the President of Peru, hereby final- solemnly and sincerely engage to consider the decision of the Commissioners conjointly, or of the Arbitrator or Umpire, as the case may be, as absolutely nnal and conclusive upon each claim decided upon by them or him, respectively, and to give full effect to such decisions, without any objections, evasion, or delay whatsoever. It is agreed that no claim arising out of any transaction of a date prior to the 30th of November, 1863, shall be admissible under this convention. Anmicmt III. When claims to Every claim shall be presented to the Commissioners within two months b¤ P¤‘¤¤¤¤*¤<l· from the day of their first meeting, unless in any case where reasons for delay shall be established to the satisfaction of the Commissioners, or of the Arbitrator or Umpire, in the event of the Commissioners differing in opinion thereon, and then and in every such case the period for presenting the claim may be extended to any period not exceeding one month longer. When decisions The Commissioners shall be bound to examine and decide upon every ‘° b° “'“]°· claim within six months from the day of their first meeting. Ammonia: IV. wm, awards to All sums of money which may be awarded by the Commissioners, or be paid. by the Arbitrator or Umpire, on account of any claim, shall be paid by the one Government to the other, as the case may be, within four months after the date of the decision, without interest, and without any deduction, save as specified in Article VI, hereinafter. Amicrn V. chime not pre- Thehigh contracting parties agree to consider the result of the pronentedtobebarrod. eeedings of this Commission as a full, perfect, and final settlement of every claim upon either Government arising out of any transaction of a date prior to the exchange of the ratifications of the present convention; and further engage that every such claim, whether or not the same may have been presented to the notice of, made, preferred, or laid before the said Commissioners, shall, from and after the conclusion of the proceedings of the said Commission, be considered and treated as finally settled, barred, and therefore inadmissible. Anrronm VI. T]x_pensesofCom- The salaries of the Commissioners shall not exceed forty-five hundred ¤¤¤¤¤1<>¤· dollars in United States gold coin, each, yearly. Those of the secretaries and Arbitrator or Umpire shall be determined by the Commis-

ioners; and in case the said Commission finish its labors in less than