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662 PUBLIC TREATIES. ARTICLE II. Accession by The stipulations of this convention shall be applied to any other State °*h °' G °m "“ of the Germanic Confederation which may hereafter declare its accession S°“°°S‘ thereto. Anmrorn III. Neither party to None of the contracting parties shall be bound to deliver up its own ¤?5;‘;*;*;°’ lla °“’“ citizens or subjects under the stipulations of this convention. C . Ancrrorn IV. Reto nt ion of Whenever any person accused of any of the crimes enumerated in this °‘*°“°°d P°”°“ *° convention shall have committed a new crime in the territories of the gg-Z2'; M 1°°°1 State where he has sought an asylum, or shall be found, such person ` shall not be delivered up under the stipulations of this convention until he shall have been tried, and shall have received the punishment due to such new crime, or shall have been acquitted thereof. Anmrcrn V. Duration of con- The present convention shall continue in force until the lst of Jan "°¤'¤*°¤· nary, 1858, and if neither party shall have given to the other six months previous notice of its intention then to terminate the same, it shall further remain in force until the end of twelve months after either of the high contracting parties shall have given notice to the other of such intention; each of the high contracting parties reserving to itself the right of giving such notice to the other, at any time after the expiration of the said nrst day of January, 1858. _ Aamrorn VI. Ratiilcations. The present convention shall be ratified by the President, by and with the advice aud consent of the Senate of the United States, and by g Add}. al the Government of Prussia, and the ratitications shall be exchanged at A,gQ5‘:,_] "°° Washington within six months from the date hereof, or sooner if possible. Signatures. In faith whereof we, the respective Plenipotentiaries, have signed this convention, and have hereunto aiiixed our seals. Date. Done in triplicate at _Washiugton, the sixteenth day of Juue, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two, and the seventy-sixth year of the Independence of the United States. DAN’L WEBSTER. L. s. FR. v. GEROLT. L. s. PRUSSIA AND OTHER STATES, 1852. Nov. 16, 1852. ADDITIONAL ARTICLE T0 THE EXTRADITION CONVENTION OF JUNE 16, —————— 1852, WITH PRUSSIA AND OTHER STATES OF THE GERMANIC CONFED- ERATION, OONOLUDED AT WASHINGTON NOVEMBER 16, 1852; RATIFICA- 1'}§§§§T*‘§X$‘é?1%fttiififtliokfétitéitétiti “‘"“*`"“"’ BY PRES` 30, 1853; PROCIZAIMED JUNE 1, 1853. AT WASHINGTON MAY Additional Articleto the (lonvention for the mutual delivery of criminals, fugitwes jrom justice, in certain cases, concluded between the United States, on the one part, and Prussia and other States of the Germanic Confederation, on the other part, at Washington, the 16th day of June, one thousand eight hundred and jtftytwo. Pf¤¤¤¤l>l¤- _ Whereas it may not be practicable for the ratiiications of the convention for the mutual delivery of criminals, fugitives from justice, in cer-