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60 PUBLIC TREATIES. One-third immediately after the exchange of ratitlcations, and the two other thirds in three equal instalments, payable on the 1st May, 180-1, 1st May, 1865, and 1st May, 1866. The Belgian Government may anticipate the above-named payments. Anrronm III. when dues shun From and after the payment of the tlrst instalment of one-third. the ¤¤¤¤<·> *° b°1°"l°‘]· dues shall cease to be levied by the Government of the Netherlands. The sums not immediately paid shall bear interest at the rate of 4 per cent. per annum, in favor of the treasury of the hetherlands. Aarrcm IV. Treaty engage- It is understood that the capitalization of the dues shall not in any ¤¤°¤*¤· way aifect the engagements by which the two States are bound, in what concerns the Scheldt, by treaties in force. ARTICLE V. Homo dugg_ The pilotage dues now levied on the Scheldt are reduced 20 per ‘ceut. for sailing vessels, 25 per cent. for towed vessels, and 30 per cent. tor steam vessels. It is, moreover, agreed that the pilotage dues on the Scheldt can never be higher than the pilotage dues levied' at the mouths of the Mouse. ARTICLE VI. Ratinomoos. The present treaty snall be ratified, and the ratincations shall be exchanged at the Hague within four months, or earlier if possible. In iaith whereof the Plenipotentiaries above named have signed the same and uihxed their seals. Done at the Hague, the 12th May, 1863. [L. s. BARON DU JARDIN. L. s. P. VANDER MAESEN DE SOMBBEFF. L. s. THORBEUKE. L. s. BETZ. [Translation.] July 15, 1863. Protocol of July 15, 1863, annexed to the treaty of July 20, 1863. Protocol. The Plenipotentiaries undersigned, having come together in conference to determine the general treaty relative to the redemption of the Scheldt dues,_ and having judged it useful, before drawing up this arrangement in due form, to be enlightened with respect to the treaty concluded the_12th of May, 1863, between Belgium and Holland, have resolved, to this end, to mvite the Minister of the Netherlands to take Dc I F n { a pllacelgfn the conference. °_¤F¤ ·’° ° e enipotentiary of the Netherlands presented himself in response . |] ¤ · · • » °f °h° to this invitation, and made the iolxowing declaration: E’*i“¤“*“"”’°"* “The undersigned Envoy Extrmordinar‘ ‘ ‘ ms _ _ _ . - y and Minister Plempoteutiary

;‘:,§$’_°ld'°d of his Majesty the king of the Netherlands, declares, in virtue of tho

special powers which have been delivered to him, that the extinguishment of the Scheldt dues, consented to by his August Sovereign in the treaty of the 12th May, applies to all Bags ; that these dues can never be reestabhshed in any torm whatsoever; and that this extinguishment