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678 PUBLIC '1`REATIES. for them, and dispose of the same at their will, paying such dues only as the inhabitants of the country wherein said goods are shall be subject to pay in like cases. Anrrcrm XIII. Protection to Both contracting parties promise and engage formally to give their P°'°°¤° md P'°P· special protection to the persons and property of the citizens of each °'°Y' other, of all occupations, who may be in the territories subject to the jurisdiction of one or the other, transient or dwelling therein, leaving open and free to them the tribunals of justice for their judicial recourse, on the same terms which are usual and customary with the natives or citizens of the country, for which purpose they may either appear in proper person, or employ in the prosecution or defence of their rights such advocates, solicitors, notaries, agents, and factors as they may judge proper, in all their trials at law; and such citizens or agents shall have free opportunity to be present at the decisions or sentences of the tribunals in all cases which may concern them, and shall enjoy in such cases all the rights and privileges accorded to the native citizen. Anrrcrn XIV. Security of can- The citizens of the United States residing in the territories of the •°*°¤°°· Republic of San Salvador shall enjoy the most perfect and entire security of conscience, without being annoyed, prevented, or disturbed on the proper exercise of their religion, in private houses, or on the chapels or places of worship appointed for that purpose, provided that in so doing they observe the decorum due to divine worship, and the respect Rights of burial. due to the laws, usages, and cu toms of the country. Liberty shall also be granted to bury the citizens of the United States who may die in the territories of the Republic of San Salvador, in convenient and adequate places, to be appointed and established for that purpose, with the knowledge of the local authorities, or in such other places of sepulture as may be chosen by the friends of the deceased; nor shall the funerals or sepulchres of the dead be disturbed in anywise, nor upon any account. _ In like manner the citizen of San Salvador shall enjoy within the Government and territories of the United States a perfect and unrestrained liberty of conscience, and of exercising their religion, publicly or privately, within their own dwelling-houses, or on the chapels and places of worship appointed for that purpose, agreeably to the laws, usages, and customs of the United States. Anrrcnn XV. Neutral trade. It shall be lawful for the citizens of the United States of America and of the Republic of San Salvador to sail with their ships, with all manner of liberty andsecurity, no distinction being made who are the proprietors of the merchandise laden thereon, from any port to the places of those who now are or shall be at enmity with either of the contracting parties. It shall likewise be lawful for the citizens aforesaid to sail with the ship and merchandise before mentioned, and to trade with the same liberty and security from the places, ports, and " havens of those who are the enemies of both or either party, without any opposition or disturbance whatsoever, not only from the places of the enemy before mentioned to neutral places, but also from one place belonging to an enemy to another place belonging to au enemy, whether y,,, ,1,;,,, mk, they be under the jurisdiction of one Power or under several. And it hoe goods. is hereby stipulated that free ships shall also give freedom to goods, and that everything which shall be found on board the ships belonging to the citizens of either of the contracting parties shall be deemed to