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686 ruisme rnnuxns. Ancrxcrn VII. Coating trade. It is expressly understood and agreed that the preceding articles do not apply to the eoastwise navigation of either of the two countries, which each of the two high contracting parties reserves exclusively to itself An·rrcLE VIII. No preference of No priority or preference shall be given directly or indirectly by either lmP°'*°*‘°°°· of the high contracting parties, nor by any company, corporation, or agent acting in their behalf, or under their authority, in the purchase ot any article of commerce lawfully imported on account of, or in reference to, the character of the vessel, whether it be of the one party or the other, in which such article was imported, it being the true intent and meaning of the contracting parties that no distinction or diiference whatever shall be made in this respect. Anzmorn IX. Favors granted If either party shall hereafter grant to any other nation any particuto °¤¤¤¤‘ ¤¤°i°¤¤*° lar favor in commerce or navigation, it shall immediately become comb°°°""‘° °°'“'“°“‘ mon to the other party, freely where it is freely granted to such other nation, or on yielding the same or an equivalent compensation, when the grant is conditional. Anrrcmr X. Ti-eatm e n 1; o r Vessels of either of the high contracting parties arriving on the coasts ve¤¤e1¤· of the other, but without the intention to enter a port, or having entered not wishing to discharge the whole or any part of their cargoes, shall enjoy in this respect the same privileges and be treated in the same manner as the vessels of the most favored nations. _Am·1oL1a XI. Wrecked or dem- When any vessel belonging to either of the contracting parties, or to we "°“°l'· their citizens or subjects, shall be wrecked, foundered, or otherwise suffer damage on' the coasts or within the dominion of the other, there shall be given tosuch vessel and all persons on board every aid and protection, in like manner as is usual and customary to vessels of the nation where such shipwreck or damage happens; and such shipwrecked vessel, its merchandise, and other effects, or their proceeds, if the same shall have been sold, shall be restored to their owners, or to those entitled to receive them, upon the payment of such costs of salvage as would have been paid by national vessels in the same circumstances. Anmom XII. Veseln seeking Sardinian merchant-vessels being forced from stress of weather or M •¤!l¤¤· other unavoidable causes to enter a port of the United States of America, and reciprocally merchant-vessels of the said States entering the ports of His Sardinian Majesty from similar causes, shall be exempt from port charges and all other duties levied in the protlt of the Government, in case the causes which have rendered such entry necessary are real and evident, provided such vessel does not engage in any commercial operation while in port, such as loading and unloading merchandise, it becing understood, nevertheless, that the unloading and reloading rendered necessary for the repair of the said vessel shall not be considered an act of commerce affording ground for the payment of duties, and provided also that the said vessel shall not prolong her stay in port beyond the time necessary for the repair of her damages.