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696 PUBLIC TREATIES. Royal Highness the Prince Krom Hluang, Wougsa, Dhiraj, Snulh, His Excellency Somdetch, Chau, Phaya, Param, Maha, Bijan, Neato, His Excellency Chau, Phaya, Sri, Suriwongse, Samuha, Phra, Kralnhom, His Excellency Chau, Phaya, Bawe, Won gee, Maha, Kosa, Dnipade, the Phra Klang, His Excellency Chau, Phaya, Yomray, the lord mayor; Who, after having communicated to each other their respective full powers, and found them to be in good and due form, have agreed upon and concluded the following articles: ARTICLE I. Peace and friend- There shall, henceforward, be perpetual peace and friendship between MP- the United States and their Majesties the First and Second Kings of Siam and their successors. _ Protection to All American citizens coming to Siam shall receive from the Siamese A¤¤¢=¤i¤¤¤ ¤i¤i¤¤¤¤- Government full protection and assistance to enable them to reside in Siam in all security, and trade with every facility, free from oppression Friendly aid to or injury on the part of the Siamese. Inasmuch as Siam has no ships $i¤¤¤¤¤ v¤¤¤¤1¤· trading to the ports of the United States, it is agreed that the ships of war of the United States shall render friendly aid and assistance to such Siamese vessels as they may meet on the high seas, so far as can be done without a breach of neutrality; and all American Consuls, residing at ports visited by Siamese vessels, shall also give them such friendly aid as may be permitted by the laws of the respective countries in which they reside. Anrrcnn II. American consul The interests of all American citizens coming to Siam shall be placed •* B*¤*B¥°*· under the regulations and control of a Consul, who will be appointed P_o were and to reside at Bangkok. He will himself conform to and will enforce the d°°*°¤· observance by American citizens of all the provisions of this treaty, 1%%* mM? °*` and such ol' the former treaty, negotiated by Mr. Edmund Roberts, in ·PP‘693'°°5‘] 1833, as hall still remain in operation. He shall also give effect to all rules and regulations as are now or may hereafter be enacted for the government of American citizens in Siam, the conduct of their trade, and for the prevention of violations of the laws of Siam. Any disputes arising between American citizens and Siamese subjects shall be heard and determined by the Consul, in conjunction with the proper Siamese officers; andcriminal offences will be punished, in the case of Americail ofenders, by the Consul, according to American laws, and in the case of Siamese offenders by their own laws, through the Siamese anthorities. But the Consul shall not interfere in any matters referring solely to Siamese; neither will the Siamese authorities interfere in questions which only concern the citizens of the United States. Ancrronn III. S urrender of If Siamese in the employ of American citizens oE'end against the laws °*`°¤d¤¤’¤· of their country, or if any Siamese, having so offended, or desiring to desert, take refuge with American citizens in Siam, they shall be searched for, and, upon proof of their guilt or- desertion, shall be delivered up by the Consul to the Siamese authorities. In like manner, any American offenders, resident or trading_ in Siam, who may desert, escape to, or hide them elves in Siamese territory, shall be apprehended and delivered over to the American Consul on his requisition. Anrronn IV. P”l‘·'u°8‘?° °f American citizens are permitted to trade freel in all the sea orts of fsnsiggu °m”°°° Siam, but may reside permanently only at Bangkbk, or within thte limits [Sw Rcgdhuou assigned by this treaty. ‘ VII, p. 700.]