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64 PUBLIC TREATIES. shlate, or Consular Agency" of the United States, or of Belgium, etc., etc. And they may also raise the flag of their country on their offices or dwelling-houses, except in the capital of the country, when there IS a legation there. _ Anrrcnn VI. Inviolability of The consular olhces and dwellings shall be at_all times inviolable. ¤f¤bi'°*- The local authorities shall not, under any pretext, lnvade them. In no case shall they examine or seize the papers there deposited. In no case shall those offices or dwellings be used as places of asylum. When,

however, a consular ofncer is engaged in other business, the papers relating to the consulate shall be kept separate.

Anrrern VII. . . In the event of the death inca acity, or absence of Consuls General, C,,$,:,$,]f:°£€gfmng Consuls, Vice-Consuls, and Consrglar Agents, their ehancellors or secre- ’ taries, whose otheial character may have previously been made known to the Department of State at Washington, or to the Minister for Foreign Alftairs in Belgium, may temporarily exercise their IIIDCCIODS, and while thus acting they shall enjoy all the rights, prerogatives, and 1m- munities granted to the incumbents. Ancrrorn VIII. Ri M. of vm_ Consuls General and Consuls may, with the approbation of their re- C0,,f,,s and com spective Governments, appoint Vice-Consuls and Consular Agents ID sular Agents. the cities, ports, and places within their consular jurisdiction. These officers may be citizens of the United States, of Belgium, or other foreigners. They shall be furnished with a commission by the Consul who appoints them, and under whose orders they are to act. They shall enjoy the privileges stipulated for consular olilcers in this convention, subject to the exceptions specified in Articles III and IV. Anriorn IX. Complaint tele- Consuls General, Consuls, Vice-Consuls, and Consular Agents may ¤¤l ‘{',¤°°i°¤°·1 ¤“· complain to the authorities of the respective countries, whether federal th°"°'°°'or local, judicial or local, judicial or executive, within their consular district, of any infraction of the treaties and conventions between the United States and Belgium, or for the purpose of protecting the rights and interest of their countrymen. If the complaint should not be satisfactorily redressed, the consular officers aforesaid, in the absence of a diplomatic agent of their country, may apply directly to the Government of the country where they reside. Aarronn X. Power to take Consuls General, Consuls, Vice-Consuls, and Consular Agents may depositions, verify take at their offices, at the residence of the parties, at their private respapem,&c. idence, or on board ship, the depositions of the captains and crews of vessels of their own country, of passengers on board of them, and of any other citizen of their nation. They may also receive at their offices, comformably to the laws and regulations of their country, all contracts between the citizens of their country and the citizens or other inhabitants of the country where they reside, and even all contracts between the latter, provided they relate to property situated or to business to be transacted in the territory of the nation to which said consular officer may belong. Copies of such papers and official documents of every kind, whether in the original, copies, or translation duly authenticated and legalized by the Consuls General, Consuls, Vice~Consuls, and Consular Agents,_and sealed with their official seal, shall be received as legal documents ID courts of justice throughout the United States and Belgium.