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710 PUBLIC TREATIES. and they shall be permitted to prosecute suits for the_recovery_of their properties, the payment of their debts, and for obtaining satisfaction for the damages which they may have sustained, whether thepersous whom they may sue be subjects or citizens of the country in which they may be found, or any other persons whatsoever, who may have taken refuge therein; and the proceedings and sentences of the said courts shall be the same as if the contending parties had been subjects or citizens of the said country. Anrrcnm XXI. Qettlsm ¤ 13 F 0 f In order to terminate all differences on account of the losses sustained

}‘{,"‘;,°‘:fS‘;;*;:·?“' by the citizens of the United States in consequence of their vessels and

[s20km1e xii, cargoes having been taken by the subjects of His_Catholic Majesty, durmmy of -1819, p_ ing the late war between Spain and France, it 18 agreed that all such 716.] cases shall be referred to the final decision of Commissioners, to be Appointment of appointed in the following manner. His Catholic Majesty shall name cvmmiuionm- one Commissioner, and the President of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of their Senate, shall appoint another, and the said two Commissioners shall agree on the choice of a third, or if they cannot agree so, they shall each propose one person, and of the two names so proposed, one shall be drawn by lot in the presence of the two original Commissioners, and the person whose name shall be so drawn Oath. shall be the third Commissioner; and the three Commissioners so appointed shall be sworn impartially to examine and decide the claims in question, according to the merits of the several cases, and to justice, M¤¤*i¤B¤· equity, and the laws of nations. The said Commissioners shall meet vacancies. and sit at Philadelphia; and in the case of the death, sickness, or necessary absence of any such Commissioner, his place shall be supplied in the same manner as he was first appointed, and the new Commissioner Duties. shall take the same oaths, and do the same duties. They shall receive all complaints and applications authorized by this article, during eighteen · mouths from the day on which they shall assemble. They shall have power to examine all such persons as come before them on oath or adirmation, touching the complaints in question, and also to receive in evidence all written testimony, authenticated in such manner as they shall AW¤¤W> b¤¤¤•l- think proper to require or admit. The award of the said Commissioners, or any two of them, shall be iinal and conclusive, both as to the justice of the claim and the amount of the sum to be paid to the claimants; P a y ment cr and His Catholic Majesty undertakes to cause the same to be paid in award- specie, without deduction, at such times and places, and under such conditions as shall be awarded by the said Commissioners. Aarrcma XXII. Mutualfsvonto The two high contracting parties, hoping that the good correspond- °°"”"°'°°· ence and friendship which happily reign between them will be further increased by this treaty, and that it will contribute to augment their prosperity and opulence, will in future give to their mutual commerce all the extension and favor which the advantage of both countries may require. Store-houses at And in consequence of the sti ulations contained in the IV article Nw 0¤‘l¤•¤•- Hi Catholic Majesty will permitpthe citizens of the United States, for tI1I5B:; %f1‘*ig:9XH, the space of three years from this time, to deposit their merchandize and H6_] * P· effects in the port of New-Orleans, and to export them from thence without paying any other duty than a fair price for the hire of the stores; and His Majesty promises either to continue this permission, if he iiuds during that time that it is not prejudicial to the interests of Spain, or if he should not agree to continue it there, he will assign to them on another part of the banks of the Mississippi an equivalent establishment.