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 ‘“£%T9{»’%%¥?28”0£%‘XE§"{eE“}.'?.¥1x¥’,»§“¥'(s“’ttelvtiRY, CONCLUDED A-F Wm-

INGTON APRIL 25, 1888;, RATIFICATION ADVISED BY SENATE MAY 10, 1838; RATIEIED BY PRESIDENT OCTOBER 4, 1838; RATIFICATIONS EX- CHANGED AT WASHINGTON OCTOBER 12, 1838; PROCLAIMED OCTOBER 13, 1838. Convention between the United States of America and the Republic of Texas, for marking the boundary between them. Preamble- Whereas the treaty of limits made and concluded on the twelfth day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight, between the United States of America on the one part: and the United Mexican States on the other, is binding upon the Republic of Texas, the same having been entered into at a time when Texas foigneél abpart oftthedsaid United Mexicéan Statics ;t _ d t b n w ereas 1 IS eeme proper an expe ien ID or er o preven future disputes and collisions between the United States and Texas in reggrd to; thtehboundary betvskeeg the twobcongtlnies as demgnatleddby the sai rea y, at a portion o the same s ou e run an mar re with, out unnecessary delay: N¤8¤¤i¤¤¤¤‘¤· The President of the United States has appointed John Forsyth their Plenipgtpptiary, apid the Plgpsident of the Republic of Texas has appointe emucan unt its enipotentiary · And the said Plenipotentiaries, having exchanged their full powers, have agreed upon and concluded the following articles: Anrronn I. Boundary line. Each of the contracting parties shall appoint a commissioner and surveyor, who- shall meet,_betore the termination of twelve months from the exchange of the ratiiications of this convention, at New Orleans, and pgocped tolruu andtlmaxékttlhatépzrtion olf the said boundary which exnsrom emou o eaine thf t th Gulph of Mexico, t0_ the Bed River. Thdy Shall ngiakldvddtcpllfdg and keep Journals of their proceedings, and the result agreed upon by them shall beconsidered as part of this convention, and shall have the same force as 1f it were inserted therein. _ The two Governments will amicably agree respecting the necessary articles to be furnished to those persons, and also asto their respective escorts, should such be deemed necessary, Anrronn II. Eaten party to _And it is agreed that until this line shall be marked out, as is pro-

 Jtrpgeiliwg v1ded for in the foregoing article, each of the contracting parties shall

is marked continue exercise jurisdiction in all territory over which its juris<lic— 232 lizsl lgecgplaegeigcised; ang thatzitlée remaining portion of the _ _ e run an mar e at such time hereafter as 21;]:% zwh gebplonvemence of both the contracting parties, until which the other tb_e Sai parties shall exercise, without the interference of S k ,1 W1 dm eterritory of which the boundary shal1_not have been 0 mar e an run,_]ur1sd1ction to the same extent to which it has been heretofore usually exercised. Anrrcma III. g_m5cm(,u,_ The present convention shall be ratified and the ratih f h ll be exchanged at Washin t `th‘ th ’ ‘ ca wm B a dape hereof, or lsooner if giggibld. m B mlm of SIX months from the gig,m,m,,_ n WICDBSS w ereof we, the respective Plenipotentiaries have si ned the same, and have hereunto aiitlxed our respective seals , g DM _ Done at Washin ton th' t t - f ‘ L ` 6 Lord one thousand eightlhuddsedl guiihtiidiiimtliiiiiigiaiigisggidi ¥§3'&°.ff”€I2.{'1.°}"5§§“i€$‘§§bl¥c*$‘E’Eli? 8**** °‘ **““°“°“· *""’ i" °“° a . JOHN FORSYTH. L. s. MEMUUAN HUNT. L. s.