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 “i§iTIN%”`T‘22·?%E駣vé“B’é§,i§i3"‘é,’t%§sess or mw, is sismy,

CONGLUDED AT TRIPOLI JUNE 4, 1805; RATIFICATION ADVISED BY SEN- ATE APRIL 12, 1806. Anmrcnr. I. Peace andfriend· There shall be from the conclusion of this treaty a firm, mviolable, ship. and universal peace, and a sincere friendship, between the President and citizens of the United States of America, on the one part, and the Bashaw, Bey, and subjects of the Regency of Tripoli, in Barbary, on the other, made by the free consent of both parties, and on the terms F¤V¤¤‘¤ g}‘¤·¤t¤d of the most favored nation. And if either party shall hereafter grant g" °“‘°' “"“°““ *’° to any other nation any particular favor or privilege in navigation or °°°m° °°mm°°° commerce, it shall immediately become common to the other party, freely, where it is freely granted to such other nation, butvwhere the grant is conditional, it shall be at the option of the contracting parties to accepz alter, or reject such conditions, in such manner as shall be most con ucive to their respective interests. Anctionn II. Prisoners to be The Bashaw of Tripoli shall deliver up to the American squadron now d¤liV¤1`°d ¤P· off Tripoli all the Americans in his possession, and all the subjects of the Bashaw of Tripoli now in the power of the United States of America shall be delivered up to him; and as the number of Americans in possession of the Bashaw of Tripoli amounts to three hundred persons, more or less, and the number of Tripoline subjects in the power of the Americans is about one hundred, more or less, the Bashaw of Tripoli shall receive from the United States of America the sum of sixty thousand dollars, as a payment for the difference between the prisoners herein mentioned. Anrrom III. American roms All the forces of the United States which have been or may be in to be withdrawn- hostility against the Bashaw of Tripoli, in the province of Derne, or elsewhere within the dominions of the said Bashaw, shall be withdrawn therefrom; and no supplies shall be given by or in behalf of the said United States, during the continuance of this peace, to any of the subjects of the said Bashaw who may be in hostility against him, in any part of his dominions; and the Americans will use all means in their power to persuade the brother of the said Bashaw, who has co-operated with them at Derne, &c., to withdraw from the territory of the said Bashaw of Tripoli, but will not use any force or improper means to eifect that object; and in case he should withdraw himself as aforesaid, the Bashaw engages to deliver up to him his wife and children, now in his power. Anrrcmr IV. Emmy., goods If any goods belonging to any nation with which either of the parties on s_ vessel of the are at war should be loaded on board vessels belonging to the other pmwstc be fm- party, they shall pass free and numolested, and no attempts shall be made to take or detain them. Anrriomr V. Restoration or If any citizens or subjects, with their eifects, belonging to either party, ¤¤b,1¤¤t¤¤¤dg¤¤d¤- shall be found on board a prize vessel taken from an enemy by the other party, such citizens or subjects shall be liberated immediately, and their etfects so captured shall be restored to their lawful owners, or their agents.