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TUNIS, 1797-1799. 767 shall be deposited in the hands of a confidential person of the place, taking an inventory of the whole, that they may eventually be delivered to those to whom they of right belong. ARTICLE XX. The Consul shall be the judge in all disputes between his fell0w·citi· Oonsul’sjurisdioe sens or subjects, as also between all other persons who may be imme- **0**- diately under his protection; and in all cases wherein he shall require the assistance of the Government where he resides to sanction his decisions, it shall be granted to him. Aarxcm XXI. If a citizen or subject of one of the parties shall kill, wound, or strike Punishment for a citizen or subject of the other, justice shall be done according to the P°"°¤°l °¤¤*“l*¤· laws of the country where the ofence shall be committed: The Consul shall be present at the trial; but if any ollender shall escape, the Consul shall be in no manner responsible for it. An.·rrc1.n XXIL Ifa dispute or lsw·suit on commercial or other civil matters shall T¤‘N°f¤MN*•· happen, the trial shall be had in the presence of the Consul, or of a con- P""' lidential person of his choice, who shall represent him, and endeavor to accommodate the diference which may have happened between the citizens or subjects of the two nations. Aarronn XXIII. If any dilerenee or dispute shall take place concerning the infraction Infrac tion cr of any article of the present treaty on either side, peace and good har- metimony shall not be interrupted, until a friendly application shall have been made for satisfaction; and resort shall not be had to arms therefor, except where such application shall have been rejected; and if war be Privileges ofresithen declared, the term of one year shall be allowed to the citizens or d¤¤¤¤ ¤¤ ¤¤•¤ ¤f subjects of the contracting parties to arrange their aifairs, and to with- ‘"“'· draw themselves with their property. The agreements and terms above concluded by the two contracting pmties shall be punctnally observed with the will of the Most High. And for the maintenance and exact observance of the said agreements, we have caused their contents to be here transcribed, in the present month of Rebia Elul, of the Hegira one thousand two hundred and twelve, corresponding with the month of August of the Christian year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-seven. The Aga IBBAHIM DEWS The Bey’s SOLIMAPS Signature Signature Signature and and and [sun.] [sur.] [sun.,] Whereas the President of the United States of America, by his letters certiscsn or patent, under his signature and the seal of state, dated the ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤•>¤- [SEAL.] eighteenth day of December, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-eight, vested Richard 0’Brien, William Eaton, and James Leander Catheart,or any two of them in the absence of the third, with full powers to confer, negotiate, and conclude with the Bey and Regency of Tunis, on certain alterations in the treaty between the United States and the Government of Tunis, concluded by theinterventiou of Joseph Etien nc Famin, ou behalfof the United States, in the month of August, one thou-