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770 PUBLIC TREATIES. in the places where they may beby protection of the Prince, and under the officers of the Government there the jurisdiction of the chiet of the existing; but, on failure of such place where they may be, and no protection, and for redress of every other person shall have authority injury, the party may resort to the over them. If the commandant chief authority in each conntsy, by oflghe placebiloes) not ponduct himwhomad uate roteetion an com- se agreea y jus 1ce, a repre- Prefcrcnceto'I‘u· plete jnstiqce shaill be rendered. In sentation of it shall be made to us. ¤*°F*“' "°°¤°l¤ *`°’ casethe Governmentof Tunis shall In ease the Government shall f'°‘gh° have need of an American vessel have need of an American merfor its service, such vessel being chant vesse1, it shall cause_it to with; the regengy, nad) not preé gznddtléemhaé snrtgible vio y engaged, e vernmen eig s a pai ca; am, shall have the preference, on its agreeably to the intention of the paying the same freight as other Government., and the captain shall merchants usually pay for the same not refuse it. service, or at the like rate, if the xvice be without a customary preent. Aumom the 14th-As it new ie. Aurrcm 14th-Ae it was. Duties. All vessels belonging to.the citi- A Tunisian merchant, who may zens and inhabitants of the United go to America with a vessel of any States shall be permitted toenter nation soever, loaded with merthe ports of the Kingdom of Tunis, chandize, which is the production and freely trade with the subjects- of the Kingdom of Tunis, shall pay and inhabitants thereof, on paying duty (small as it is) like the merthe usual duties which are paid by chants of other nations; and the othermostfavourednationsatpeace American merchants shall equally with the Regency. Inlike manner, pay for the merchandize of their all vessels belongingto the subjects country, which they may bring to and inhabitants of the Kingdom of Tunis under their flag the 'same Tunis shall be permitted to enter duty is the Tunisians pay in Amerthe diferent ports of the United ica. But if an American mer- States, and freely trade with the chant, or a mercha.nt of any other citizens and inhabitants thereof, nation, shall bring American meron paying the usual duties which chandize under any other flag, he are_paid by other most favoured shall pay six per cent. duty; in nations at peace with the United like manner, if a foreign merchant States. shall bring the inerchandize of his country under the, American Hag, he shall also pay six per cent.

iguutures. Concluded, signed, and sealed, at the Palace of Bardo, near Tunis,

Date. the 24th day of the moon jumed-teni, in the year of the Hegira 1239, corresponding [to]hthe 24th of February, 1824, of the Christian year, and _ _ _ the 48th year of the Independence of the United States, reserving the F¤¤¤°l3¤¤¤;¤¤p same, nevertheless, for the final ratincation of the President of the yy;; o ,$"Un% United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. States. S. D. HLEAP Charge d’Afll»lI'0B. . L. s, _ SIDI MAHNi0UD’S signature and [r.. s.]