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TWO SIOILIES, 1855. 777 TWO SIOILIES, 1855. E TI N ETWEEN THE UNITED umm ,, C(1mA`SEgTYOTH11?‘: KING OF THE K1NGDOL?T(1;P'£`E'1§Hld)1·:l’WO sIC(iI€1EASt?DRE€A§ TIVE TO THE RIGHTS OF NEUTRALS AT SEA, CONCLUDED AT NAPLES JANUARY 13, 1855; RATIFICATION ADVISED BY SENATE MARCH 3, 1855; BATIFIED BY PRESIDENT MARCH 20, 1855· RATIFICATIONS EXCHANGED AT WASHINGTON JULY 14, 1B55; PROCLAIMED JULY 16, 1865. Oonvention between the United States of America and His Majesty the .Kingof the Kingdom of the Two Sicllies, signed at Naples January 13, 1855. The United States of America and His Majesty the King of the King- Contracting pardom of The two Sicilies, equally animated with a desire to maintain and tiesto preserve from all harm the relations of good understanding which have at all times so happily subsisted between themselves, as also between the inhabitants of their respective States, have mutually agreed to perpetuate, by means of a formal convention, the principles of the right of neutrals at sea, which they recognize as indispensable conditions of all freedom of navigation and maritime trade. For this purpose Negotlators. the President of the United States has conferred full powers on Robert Dale Owen, Minister Resident at Naples of the United States of America; and His Majesty the King of. the Kingdom of the Two—Sicilies has conferred like powers on Mr. Louis Garafa della Spina, of the Dukes of Traetto, Weekly Major-domo of His Majesty, Commendator of His Royal Order of the Civil Merit of Francis the First, Grand Cross of the distinguished Bl. Spanish Order of Charles the Third, Great Officer of the Order of the Legion d’Honneur, Grand Cross of the Order of S. Michael of Baviera, Grand Cross of the Florentine Order of the Merit under the title of S. Joseph, Grand Cross of the Order of Parma of the Merit under the title of S. Ludovico, Grand Cross of the Brasilian Oiger of the Bose, provisionally charged with the port-folio of Foreign A airs; And said Plenipotentiaries, after having exchanged their full powers, found in good and due form, have concluded and signed the following articles: ARTICLE I. The two high contracting parties recognize as permanent and immu- _Pr1¤¤ip1e¤ mcgtable the-following principles, to wit: lst. That free ships make free "'”°d· goods; that is to say, that the effects or goods belonging to subjects or Rights of neucitizens of a Power or State at war are free from capture and coniisca— "“" “* “°°· tion when found on board of neutral vessels, with the exception of articles contraband of war. 2d. That the property of neutrals on board an Rights of nenenemy’s vessel is not subject to confiscation unless the same be contra- gx"] l’;°$;’;;’g, °“ band of war. They engage to apply these principles to the commerce y ` and navigation of all such Powers and States as shall consent to adopt them on their part as permanent and immutable. Auricm II. _ The two high contracting parties reserve themselves to come to an Application of ulterior understanding as circumstances may require with regard to the *b°°° l’“““‘I’l°°· application and extension to be given, if there be any cause for it, to the principles laid down in the lst article. But they declare from this time that they will take the stipulations contained in said article 1st as a rule, whenever it shall become a question, to judge of the nghts of neutrality. Ancrxcnn III. Itis agreed by the high contracting parties that all nations which other mgtippg shall or may consent to aocede to the rules of the iirst article of this ncccdrng t<>1¤r¤¤ciconvention, by a lbrmal declaration stipulating to observe them, shall l"°°·