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798 runmo frnnncrins. cial intercourse of their respective citizens, have mutuallyresolved to conclude a general convention of amity, commerce, and navigation, and for the surrender of fugitive criminals. _ For this purpose they have appointed as their Plenipotentiaries, to WIP: _ _ _ Negotiators. The President of the United States, Edward A. Turpin, Minister Resident near the Government of Venezuela; and the President ot Venezuela, Pedro de las Casas, Secretary of State in the Department of Foreign Relations; _ Who, after a communication of their respective full powers, have agreed to the following articles: Aurora I. Peace and friend- It is the intention of the high contracting parties that there shall con- ¤hiI>- tinue to be a firm, inviolable, and universal peace, and a true and sincere friendship between the Republics of the United States of America and Venezuela, and between their respective conntrie , territories, cities, Rights of resi- towns, and people, without exception of persons or places. If, unford¤¤¢¤ i¤ we vf tunately, the two nations should become involved in war, one with the '"“`· other, the term of six months after the declaration thereof shall be allowed to the merchants and other citizens and inhabitants respectively, on each side, during which time they shall be at liberty to withdraw themselves, with their edects and movables; which they shall have the right to carry away, send away, or sell, as they please, without the least obstruction; nor shall their effects, much less their persons, be seized p,,.,,,,,,-;,_ during such term of six months; on the contrary, passports shall be valid for a term necessary for their return, and shall be given to them for their vessels and the effects which they may wish to carry with them or send away, and such passports shall be a safe conduct against the insults and captures, which privateers may attempt against their persons and effects, and the money, debts, shares in the public funds, or in banks, or any other property, personal or real, belonging to the citizens of the one party in the territories of the other shall not be confiscated or sequestrated. Anrxorn II. Exemption mm The citizens of each of the high contracting parties, residing or estabwiliwfy ¤¤¤*i¤¤i lished in the territory of the other, shall be exempt from all compulsory

    • °· military service by sea or by land, and from all forced loans or military

exactions or requisitions; nor shall they be compelled to pay any contributions whatever higher or other than those that are or may be paid by native citizens. Anrrom III. p,;,;;,,,.;,,, o;,,,. The citizens of the contracting parties shall be permitted to enter; idence, business, sojourn, settle, and reside in all parts of said territories, and such as may

  • »°· wish to engage in business shall have the right to hire and occupy warehouses, provided they submit to the laws, as well general as special,

relative to the rights of travelling, residing, or trading. While they conform to the laws and regulations in force, they shall be at liberty to manage themselves their own business, subject to the jurisdiction of either party, as well in respect to the consignment and sale of their goods by wholesale or retail, as with respect to the loading, unloading, Employment cr and sending off their ships. They may also employ such agents or ¤8¢¤¢¤· brokers as they may deem proper, and shall in all these cases be: treated as the citizens of the country wherein they reside; it being, nevertheless distinctly understood that they shall be subject to such laws and regu? A¤¢=¤¤¤ to ¤¤¤r¢¤- lations also in respect to wholesale or retail. They shall have free access to the tribunals of justice, in cases to which they may be a party, on the same terms which are granted by the laws and usage of the country to native citizens; for which purpose they may employ in defense of their interests and rights such advocates, attorneys, and other agents as they may think proper.