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8()8 PUBLIC TREATIES. Anrrcnn III. P°Ym °¤ t af The Commissioners shall issue certificates of the sums to be paid to “ ‘“'°* the claimants, respectively, by virtue of their decisions or those of the Umpire, and the aggregate amount of all sums awarded by the Commissioners, and of all sums accruing from awards made by the Umpire, shall be paid to the Government of the United States. Payments of said sums shall be made in equal annual payments, to be completed within ten years from the date of the termination of the labor of the commission; the first payment to be made six months from same date. I°t"°°t‘ Semi-annual interest shall be paid on the several sums awarded, at a rate of five per cent. per annum from the date of the termination of the ‘ labors of the commission. ARTICLE 1V. Termination of The commission shall terminate its labors in twelve months from the °°““'““°‘°“· date of its organization, except that thirty days’ extension maybe given to issue certificates, if necessary, on the decisions of the Umpire in the Records, &c. case referred to inrthe following article. They shall keep a record of their proceedings, and may appoint a secretary. ARTICLE V. Decisions to be The decisions of this commission and those (in case there may be any)

  • ¤=·‘· of the Umpire, shall be tlnal and conclusive as to all pending claims at

Claims not pre- the date of their installation. Claims which shall not be presented ¤¢¤¤¤*» l>=¤¤•¤d· within the twelve month; herein prescribed will be disregarded by both Governments and consi ered invalid. _ Cases pending , In the eveirt that, upon the termination of the labors of said commis- ]>•>*`·>{¤ U,¤)P¤¤‘° sion, there should remain pending one or more cases before the Umpire c‘;[,'f:,?sQ,0,Qf’ “ awaiting his decision, the said Umpire is authorized to make his decision and transmit same to the Commissioners, who shall issue their certificates thereupon and communicate [them] to each Government, which shall be held binding and conclusive; provided, however, that his decision shall be given within thirty days from the termination of the labors of the commission, and after the expiration of the said thirty days any decision made shall be void and of no effect. A1z.r1cLm VI. Expenses ofcom- Each Government shall pay its own Commissioneiyand shall pay one- “"”'°“· half of what may [be] due the Umpire and secretary, and one-half the incidental expenses 0 the commission. Aarrcua VII. R¤tiii¤¤¢i<>¤¤- S0T;i(e0presentcon);en tior;_slm)[l be ratliiied, and the ratillcations exchanged, _ n as may prac ica e” in e city o Caracas. Signatures. · In testimony whereof the Iglenipotentiaries have signed this convention, and hereunto ailixed the seals of the Ministry of Foreign Relations of the United States of Venezuela, and of the Legation of the United Date. States ofuitmericla, inhgafaogséxhisdtwenty-nfth day of April, in the year one thousand eng nn r an sixty-six. The Minister Res-ident of the United States of America, _ _ _ _ E. D. OULVER. [L. s.] The Mmwtcr of Foreign Relatwns of th;] States of Venezuela, AEL SEIJAS. [L. s.]