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810 ruumo Tnimvrins. Anrxcmsz IV. Property of ab- In case of the absence of the heirs, the same care shall be taken °°“* h°'"’· provisionally of such real or personal property as would be taken in a like case of property belonging to the natives of the country, until the lawful owner, or the person who has a right t0_ sell the same according to article 2, may take measures to receive or dispose of the inheritance ARTICLE V. D*§*P“*°“ *0 £° If any dispute should arise between different claimants to the same {L';;,';;,`; by t ° inheritance, they shall be decided, in the last resort, according to the `laws, and by the judges of the country where the property is situated. ARTICLE VI. Property not yet All the stipulations of the present convention shall be obligatory in W i *h,d'**""“ °“" respect to property already inherited or bequeathed, but not yet withb"°°" drawn from the country where the same is situated at the signature of this convention. ARTICLE VII. R***m°****°““· This convention is concluded subject to the ratification of the President of the United States of America, by and with the advice and consent of their Senate, and of His Majesty the King of Wiirttemberg, and the ratiiications thereof shall be exchanged at Berlin, within the term of twelve months from the date of the si nature hereof or sooner if possbi g ’ i e. Sig¤¤*¤¤*¤· In witness whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the above articles, as well in English as in German, and have thereto affixed their seals. _ D¤·¥<>· Done in triplicata, in the city of Berlin, on the tenth day of April, one thousand eight hundred and iorty-four, in the sixty-eighth year of the Independence of the United States of America, and the twenty-eighth of the reign of His Majesty the King of Wiirttemberg. HENRY WHEATON. [L. s.] FREIHERR VON MAUCLER. [L. s. j WURTTEMBERG, .1853. O t.13,1es2. DECLARATION OF ACCESSION TO CON N , · _ ` 4, . T D1T · - TOBER13, 1853; PROCLAIMED DECEMBERI2(;${1s?sg. CRIMINALS’ DATED OC Ac5>¤¤¤i<>_¤ to cou- [On the 13th of October 1853 the Government of H`s M ‘est th

”';';‘(;'*;‘,?”,:‘;“; King of Wiirttemberg form’al1y declared its accession to the cdfivehtiod

8mm_ of the 16th of June, 1852, between the United States and Prussia and [S0., Pp_ 6,-,04,63] other States of the Germanic Confederation, for the mutual delivery of criminals fugitives from justice m certain cases.]