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BOLIVIA, 1858. 75 shall pronounce judgment a ainst an · vessel or claimed by the citizens of the? other pazty, the,sent§r?c)¢?brdlecE*);g1s(l1r:fhl mention the reasons or motives ou which the same shall have been founded, and an authenticated copy of the sentence or decree and of all the procedings in the case shall, if demanded, be delivered to the commander or agent of said vessel without any delay, he paying the legal fees for the same. Anrrcnn XXV. No citizen of the Republic of Bolivia shall take any commission or let- L c t t c r s o f ters of marque for arming any ship or ships to act as privateers against '“°“1“°- the_said United States, or any of them, or against the citizens, people. or inhabitants of the said United States, or any of them, or against the property of any of the inhabitants of any of them, from any Prince or State with which the said United States shall be at war; nor shall any citizen or inhabitant of the United States, or any of them, take anv commission or letters of marque for arming any ship or ships to act as privateers against the citizens of the Republic of Bolivia, or any of them, or the property of any of them, from any Prince or State with which the said Republic of Bolivia shall be at war; and if any person of either nation shall take such commissions or letters of marque he shall be punished according to their respective laws. Aarrcnn XXVI. In accordance with fixed principles of international law, Bolivia re- pm, navigation gards the rivers Amazon and La Plata, with their tributaries, as high- of the Amazon and ways or channels opened by nature for the commerce of all nations. In La P1°l’°· virtue of which, and desirous of promoting an exchange of productions through these channels, she will permit, and invites, commercial vessels of all descriptions of the United States, and of all other nations of the world, to navigate freely in any part of their courses which pertain to her, ascending those rivers to Bolivian ports, and descending therefrom to the ocean, subject only to the conditions established by this treaty, and to regulations sanctioned or which may be sanctioned, by the national authorities of Bolivia not inconsistent with the stipulations thereof. Anrronn XXVII. The owners or commanders of vessels of the United States entering Navigation or the Bolivian tributaries of the Amazon or La Plata shall have the right ¤ib¤¤¤ri¢¤· to put up or construct, in whole or in part, vessels adapted to shoalriver navigation, and to transfer their cargoes to them without the pay- ment of additional duties; and they shall not pay duties of any description for sections or pieces of vessels, nor for the machinery or materials which they may introduce for use in the construction of said vessels. All places accessible to these, or other vessels of the United States, Ports open to Upon the said Bolivian tributaries of the Amazon or La Plata, shall be f°*‘°'8” °°mm°'°°· considered as ports open to foreign commerce, and subject to the provisions of this treaty, under such regulations as the Government may deem necessary to establish for the collection of custom-house, port, light-house, police, and pilot duties. And such vessels may discharge and receive freight or cargo, being eifects of the country or_fore1gn, at any one of said ports, notwithstanding the provisions of Article 3. Ancrrorn XXVIII. If, by any fatality, (which cannot be expected, and which God forbid,) fP¤V¤!¢B¢>¤$¤ <=¤¤° the two contracting parties should be engaged in a war with each other, ° W"' they agree, now for then,that there shall be allowed the term of six months to the merchants residing on the coasts and in the ports of each