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FOBTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Suss. I. Ch. 388. 1874. 141 For subsisting the Arapaho, Cheyenne, Apache, Kiowa, Camanche, A¢¤1>¤h¤¢¤»&¤·S and Wichita Indian s, ilfty-tour thousand two hundred and seventy- ’ eight dollars and ten cents. “ For subsisting and clothing the Sisseton, `Wahpeton, Medawakanton, _Si¤¤¤f <>¤» &»¤-y and Wahpakoota bands of Sioux, thirteen thousand nine hundred and S‘°“‘· forty-two dollars and three cents. I ,, ci d ,,,,4;,,; cx. _ For incidental expenses of the Indian service in Arizona, forty-five pauses of the indian thousand seven hundred and thirty-one dollarsand eighty-three cents. ¤¤1‘Vi°<> in Amimi For incidental expenses of the Indian service in California, twelve C,,m·,,m,,,_. · thousand seven hundred and fifty-three dollars and four cents. ° ’ For incidental expenses of the Indian service in Dakota, one thou- D¤·k<>t¤·; sand one hundred and nineteen dollars and fifty-seven cents. For incidental expenses of the Indian service in Montana, fourteen M¢>¤’¤¤·¤¤·; thousand five hundredand nine dollars and eight cents. \ For incidental expenses of the Indian service in Nevada, two thou- Nevada;

vsand and forty-three dollars and fourteen cents.

For incidental expenses of the Indian service in New Mexico, thirty- Nw M¤¤i<>¤s three thousand one hundred and fifty-three dollars and ei ghty-five cents. For incidental expenses of the Indian service in Oregon, forty-nine Oregon ; thousand and five dollars and twenty-eight cents. For incidental expenses of the- Indian service in Utah, five thousand Utah; three hundred and ninetyhve dollars and thirty-six cents. For incidental expenses of the Indian service in XVashington-Terri- Washington; tory, four thousand eight hundred and thirty-six dollars and thirty-four cents. . For fulfilling. treaty with Flatheads and other confederated tribes, Fi¤¤h¤=¤i¤- one thousand two hundred and seventy-five dollars and forty-four cents. For fnltilling treaty with Mixed Shoshones, Bannacks, and Sheep- Mimi Sb0¤h¤¤¤¤, eaters, eight thousand seven hundred and thirty-seven dollars and sev- &°· enty-tive cents. For_ful.tllling treaty with Blackfoot, Bloods, and Piegans, nine thou- B1¤<?l¤"¤¤t Bl¤¤•l¤, sand seven hundred and fifty-sevendollars and one cent. “‘?‘{ P*°8““"· For fulfilling treaty with Sioux of different tribes, including Santee S¤<>¤¤· Sioux of Nebraska, eighteen thousand eight hundred and forty dollars and forty-nine cents. _ To replace money erroneously paid to certain Kickapoo Indians, live K¤¤k¤1>¤<>¤· hundred and two dollars and eighty cents. — _ For transportation of North Carolina Cherokees, two thousand cnc Cgfggzcs C"°]’"“ hundred and twenty-tive dollars. ' For payment to North Carolina Cherokees, three thousand five hun- _ _ · dred and three dollars and sixty-five cents; Provided, That none of the P‘°"‘“°‘ moneys hereby appropriated ztbr the payment of deficiencies in the Indian service shall be paid until the necessity for the expenditures Examination into shall have been examined into by the Secretary of the Interior and any um 5*.‘;°'*F§‘*5’ °f °X· existing board of peace commissioners. _ ·P°°““’S* For the survey of the exterior boundaries of Indian reservations and S¤¤’°.Y¤· subdivisions of the same, being for surveys in the Indian Territory embraced within the lands ceded by the Cherokee, Seminole, and Creek tribes of Indians, being a deiiciency for the present and prior years, forty-five thousand dollars. _ _ For continuing the collection of statistics and historical data respect- S¤=·¤¤¤<=¤ ing the Indians of the United States, under the direction of the Secre- _ _ tary of the Interior, thirty-five hundred dollars: Provided, That the m§{;‘Q"‘ °f °°’“P°"‘ compensation of the person collecting such data shall not exceed two ` thousand dollars a year, and his actual individual and necessary traveling expenses. To enable the Secretary of the Interior to pay Zebulon B. Sturgus, l£°b“1°“ B· St""' assistant secretary to sign land patents for the President for the month g ‘ of November, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, one hundred and twenty-two dollars and twenty cents. · ·