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FORTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. GH. 389. 1874. 17 7 their bids with a certified cheek or draft payable to the order of the Certified checks Gommissioner of Indian Affairs, upon some United States depository or *° *'°’°“?°°°’ “°°°'“‘ solvent national bank, which check or draft shall be ive per centum on §2,lH,,,é°'g°x Q1; the amount of the goods, supplies, transportation and so forth, as afore· $5,000. said; and in case any such bidder, on bein awarded a contract, shall fail to execute the same with good and suécient sureties according to w,m,¤hEcks,,{m,, the terms on which such bid was made and accepted, such bidder shall be forfeited. forfeit the amount so deposited to the United States, and the same shall When to be reforthwith be paid into the Treasury of the United States; but if such ’°“'*-md *° *1*** 1*** contract shall be duly executed, as aforesaid, such draft or check so d"' deposited shall he retprned to the bidder. R H t b d E0. 7. at or the purpose of properl distributin the su lies ° ’% ° ° ‘¥‘“ ° appropriated for in this act, it is hereby mice the dutygof each ggeut gg dl °°m1°d · in charge of Indians and having supplies to distribute, to make out rolls Wl5ft rolls must of the Indians entitled to supplies at the agency, with the names of the Nate- , Indians and of the heads of families or lodges with the number in each _ family or lodge and to‘give out supplies to the heads of families, and .1l°%“l“**°“' ?°’ not to the head of tribes or bands, and not to give out supplies for a “"""g °“t °"”h°s' greater length of time than one week in advance. _ _ Sec. 8. That the sum of twenty-four thousand four hundred and fR°’*PP"°P¤”·*’°¤ eighty dollars and eighty-six cents, being the unexpended balance of an galffm ufgixgsgegig appropriation of “ forty thousand dollars to carry on the work of aid- struction, &e.,o£1n- ing and instructing the Indiausof the Central superintendency in thearts <1i¤¤¤_0f the Central of civilization, with a view to their self support," made by act of March “"{’§§;”’%°dg{,°Y· 1 third, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, is hereby reappropriated, and xv, p_’;Q_ ’ v°’ may be expended for the purpose named, and shall be available immedi- Sehools in Central ately; and the sum of ten thousand dollars is appropriated for the sup- ¤¤p<>ri¤¢¤¤<1¤¤9y=_ port of schools in the Central superintendency: And provided fewthef, f Ry “Pl;F°P;,“"'°” That- the unexpended balance of the appropriation made by act ot‘p°Q;§,_°°° mu pup July fifteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy, for educational purposes 1870, cli. 296, vol. for the Indians, be, and the same is hereby, reappropriated. ¤vi,1>·¤l59- r Sec. 9. That the several appropriations here made for teachers, mill- Certain appropriers, blacksmiths, engineers, carpenters, physicians, and other persons, Mi¢>¤¤ my be diand for various articles provided for by treaty stipulations, may be di- "°”°d· ‘”h°“· verted to other uses for the benefit of various Indian tribes, within the . discretion of the President, and with the consent ofsaid tribes erpressed in the usual manner · and that he cause report to be made to Congress, ,£P‘”`° “’ C"' at the next session thereafter, of his action under this provision. g ' Sec. 10. That no agent or employee of the United States Government, ,f!{,‘;“,fj?t,fg’U,g;’;(i or of any of the Departments thereof, while in the service of the Gov- §,,,_{,,, ,,0, ,0 be ,,1, ernment, shall have any interest, directly or indirectly, contingent or terested in mann absolute, near or remote, in any contract made, or under negotiation, ¤¤¤¤FM=¤¤- with the Government, or with the Indians, for the purchase or transportation or delivery of goods or supplies for the Indians, or for the re- _ mcval of thelndians; nor shall any such agent or employee collude with h,gfg," S ‘° “P"' any person who may attempt to obtain any such contract for the pur-_ pose of enabling such person to obtain the same. The violation of any E P<>¤?1t>1;_f¢>r v;9l¤·· of the provisions of this section shall be a misdemeanor, and shall be ‘°“ ° * " “°° ‘°“· punished by a fine of not less than five hundred dollars nor_more than five thousand dollars, and by removal from office ; and, in addition thereto, the court shall, in its discretion, have the power to punish by ‘ imprisonment of n0t· more than six months. R Y f { m Ot Sec. 11. That there is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the m¤,§,{fss§‘,r,&°t1_,bf Treasury of the United States not otherwise appropriated, the sum of twelve thousand dollars for the support and relief of the Otoe and M is· R D , 1d_ Souria tribe of Indians, to be available immediately; this amountto be mmQy_,;;5d hfgsg used, under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, in rebuilding gm ’ agency·bui1dings in place of those recently destroyed by tire, and for the Repayment er npsupport of the destitute Indians of said tribe; Provided, That the money pr<¤pr;~it¤¤¤f ip 0 n2_ hereby appropriated shall be repaid to the Treasury of the United States “ ° “" ° ° from the proceeds of the sale of the lands of said Indians, heretofore lg-,2, ch_ 436, W1, authorized by act of June tenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, en- xvii, p. 391. ’ V Vol. 18, pt. 3--12