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228 FORTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 455. 1874. Omaha. Court-house and post-office at Omaha, Nebraska: For completion of building, forty-iilve eleousand ilve hundred dollars; and for furnitnm, went thousan dollars. Portland Oregon. t Cusstom-house at Portland, Oregon: For grading, fences, and ap- ’ proaches, twenty thousand dollars; for furniture, twenty thousand dollars. ‘ rniincei mn. Court-house and ostoffice at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: For con- P tinuation of the corlstruction of the building, seven hundred fifty Limitof 0,,,,, thousand dollars. And the entirecest of said building. exclusive of cost of site}; shall ne: exc{eeeHfourtn§ll_1o*eId(ellarsM_S ur; To conf Saint Louis. Custom- ouse~an os -0 ce a am urs 1 so 1: · r innation of building, seveh hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Treasury. Treasury building at Washington, District of Columbia: For annual repairs, twenty thousand dollars; for remodeling of heating-apparatus in south and east wings, thirty-eight thousand three hundred and thirty- one dollars and eighty cents. _ _ _ Sm, Francisco_ Branch-mint building at San Francisco, California: For approaches, paving, grading, fencing, and grounds, one hundred and eight thousand andd sixty-elu*oddol£arsi1fe_r heating ateiel ventilgtinghewenty-nveb thensan six un re an or y-seven dollars an cig y- wo cen s; or furniture counters cases, lass-hxtures carpets and mats, fort -nine thousand, six hundred and thirty-three dhllars; all, one hundred and eighty-three thousand three hundred and forty-two dollars and eighty- two cents. - For machinery and iitting up of the new mint building at San Fraucisco, eighteen thousand dollars, to be available immediately; and for fitting up a refinery in said mint, thirty-four thousand five hundred dollars. For this amount or so much thereof as maybe necessary, for repairing and fitting up the old branchmint building at San Francisco lor subtreasury and other Government offices, thirty thousand dollars. Atlanta. That the act entitled *‘An act for the erection of _ public building for the use of the United States in Atlanta, Georgia” approved February xg??;; ggé 132, vol- twelftg1,;ighijo<eer.;;h;;1l}1dred and]? seventy-thee1e, beaeed ghe same és lheregy, »· · amene so a esumo moneyau craze o eex eue in e construction of said building is hereby fixed at the sum og two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Port Huron. Custom-house and post-onice, Port Huron, Michigan: For continuing the building, seventy-tive thousand dollars. — Milwaukee. Custonrhouse, Milwaukee, Wisconsin: For repairs and alterations of building, coal-vaults, and paving approaches, thirty-eight thousand four hugdred apd fiftyléahree} dollars and seventeen cents. New Haven. ustom- ouse ew aven, Connecticut: For re airs and alterations of building, twenty thousand dollars. - P · Burlington. Custom-house, Burlington, Vermont; For grading, curbing, paving, ang approachzes, five thousand nine hundred and thirty-three dollars an sixty cen s. · ` K¤<>¤m¤· Custom-house, Knoxville, Tennessee; For furniture, counters, cases, ‘ gas-fixtures, carpets, and mats, twenty thousand dollars. Grand Rapids. Tcl enable the Secretary of the Treasury to pay the amount awarded by the jury in the case of the condemnation of the lot selected by the Treasury Department for a building for a custom-house, bonded-ware-i house, courthouse, and post-office at Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the attendant legal expenses, seventy thousand dollars. Albany. Custom-house and post-office, Albany, New York: For payment of the balance due on the purchase (in part) of· a site for a building for purposes of the General Government at Albany, New York, five thou- · sand dollars. _ I _ Rnieign. _ That the limitation on the cost of the court-house and postoflice build-W 1873 ch. 227 wl mgbat Raleigh, North Carolina, contained in_ the act of March third, xviwj 524. » · eig teen hundred and seventyg;hree,1s hereby inereased to three hundre and nfty thousand dollars, which shall be the entire cost of said building.