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- 278 _ FOBTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 480. 1874.* — ‘ · in which such violation shall continue: Provided, www- llggeggmdhglyip slizll appear that such deviation from the above. ' named standards could not have been prevented by ordinary care and prudence, but was occasioned by some unavoidable cause, then the said penalty shall not beenforced. _ _ _ . · . _ rnspeetor er gas Sec. 2. That a suitable and impartial person, competent as achemnun meters to be ist, who is not a stockholder or employee rn any gas-works, shall be ap-- ¤1¤v<>i¤i¢<l· pointed by the President of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate to be designated and known as inspector of Salary and cuties gas and meters, whose compensation shall be a salary of two thousand dollars per annum, and whose duties shall be to_test and determine the illuminating power and purity of the gas furnished by any company, person, or persons-in the District of Columbia, and to test, prove, and seal all meters that may be hereafter used by them; and that a suitable Assistant inspect- person, who shall be a gas—’1itter_by trade, shall be appointed by the °P President, as aforesaid, on the recommendation of the inspector of gas Salary and duties. and meters, as an assistant inspector, ata salary of one thousand dollars per annum, who shall assist in the duties specified under the direction of the inspector of gas and meters. _ ‘ Laboratory to be Sec. 3. That a laboratory shall be provided and fitted up by the P"°"j,d°“ gy lxfsgg Washington Gas-Light Company, subject to the approval of the

 ”° g inspector, in the central part of the city of Washington, at a. distance

as near as may be,)of two thousand feiet from any gas-posh , and furé nished with suita le apparatus for the transac ion o e usines of the inspector and assistant inspector, for which it is intended, and the laboratory shall be kept open on all husrness-days between the hours of eight o’clock in the forenoon and hveol clock rn the afternoon z Cost to be borne Provided, That the cost of fitting up said laboratory shall be paid for bb? ***4** °°mP““Y “‘ by each Gas Company in the District of Columbia. in proportion to their D‘“m°°‘ sale of gas allcgr th; year eighteen hundred and seiventyihhreehl Gas com anies S1tc.4. at the compan person or persons urms mg e gas may, may be f°P1`¤§€¤*¤d if they see 1lt,0n each occaghn of the testing of the gas by the inspector · “" me *°““‘ or assistant intspectonhbe represented by some officer, but such officer shall not inter ere in the testing. _ Daily inspections. Sec. That daily inspections, Sundays excepted, shall be made in conformityto the intent oi this act between the hours of live and eleyen Record or inspee- o’clock in the afternoon, and a record shall be kept of each inspection, ¤¤¤ •>v¤¤ *¤ Public- giving the illuminating power and purity, which shall be open to the public, and a copy of the daily inspection shhll be lhurnisthled the lglllowin day to the company person or persons urnis ing e gas, a nr- Full ¤¤1>¢>¤‘* for da§’s inspection to be iznrnished on Monday, and a full report for the

D‘§£Jg’,°';;h]Eg`::,? month to be furnished, upon request, to any daily paper printed in the

P,,,,,,, city of Washington on the day of their publication, next after the twentyfourth day of each month, t0_ include each day’s test from the date of previous publication, and giving the average illuminating power for the month. BULB $0 l>¤· ¤‘<>· Sec. 6. That all bills for gas furnished by, any company, person, or

 €3‘;,};°]°"` persons shall state the average illuminating power for the month; and

q y' ig the game shall fhllhbelpg-shxhimi cghdles, as in phis act prescribed, t ent eamounto the i s a er uce prora at Test ofmetm- _ Sec. 7. That in testing meters, the inspector or assistant inspector shall alscertain whctiher the meterfis of propgr consgrhctigcén, anziurequrres on y the ressure o a. co umn o water in icate y `e wa -guage, commonly? used for such tests, of one-fourth of an inch high to work it, and whether it works regularly and correctly, and registers exactly the amount of gas passing through it, first, at the rate the meter is marked to supply; secondly, at one~third its rote; thirdly, at twice 'its rate. The standard foot shall be one cubic foot, containing sixty-two and three hundred and twenty-one one-thousandths pounds, avoirdupois weight, of distilled water at the temperature of sixty-two degrees Fahrenheit, and witha barometrical pressure of thirty inches; and meters registering within two per centuin either way of the exact number of