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322 FORTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. 1I. Ch. 81. 1875. C<>¤*i¤s<>¤¤ <==<- For contingent expenses of foreign intercourse proper, and of all the P°“S°’· missions abroad, ono hundred thousand dollars. Consuls-general, For consuls general, consuls, vice eonsuls, commercial agents, and c<>¤¤¤i¤. consular thirteen consular clerks, three hundred and thirty.three thousand two °1“’;*§*;4&°· 27,. _ hundred dollars, namely: ante .I57.c. 0, Clalss one. CLASS 1* GREAT BRITAIN. Hong-Kong. IIAVVAIIAN ISLANDS Honolulu. Class two. CLASS II. CHINA. Fowehow; Hankow; Canton; Amoy; Chin Kiang; Tien-Tsin; Ningpo; Swatow. PERU. Callao. Class throo. CLASS IH. GREAT BRITAIN. Manchester; Glasgow; Bradford; Demerara. FRENCH DOMINIONS. Havre. SPANISH DOMINIONS. Matanzas . BARBARY STATES. Tripoli; Tunis; Tangiers. ' JAPAN. Nagasaki; Osaka and Hiogo. MEXICO. Vera Cruz. SIAM. Bangkok. UNITED STATES OF COLOMBIA. Panama; Colon, (Aspinwall.) ARGENTINE REPUBLIC. Buenos Ayres. CHILI. Valparaiso