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326 FORTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 81. 1875. PORTUGUESE DOMINIONS. Santiago, (Cape Verde Islands.) SOCIETY ISLANDS. Tahiti. CHILI. Talcahuano. FRIENDLY AND NAVIGATOIVS ISLANDS Apia. ITALY. Venice; Milan. C om m e r cial COMMERCIAL AGENCIES. 21g0I1C10S. sums1c 0. Sonnnurn G. Gaboon, Saint Paul de Loanda ; Lauthala. COMMERCIAL AGENCIES. scuraulc rs. Sonnnurn B. San Juan del Norte. A<_;e¤tar,r1(to_¤su1- For the agent and consul-general at Cairo, four thousand dollars. gL3g;,i;ui:,.gaz;:;;)Q]_ For the consulsgeneral at London, Paris, Havana, and Rio Janeiro, each six thousand dollars per annum, twenty-four thousand dollars. d For the consuls-general at Calcutta and Shanghai. each five thousand 0 ars per annum ten thousand dollars. d For the consul-lgeneral at Melbourne, four thousand five hundred 0 ars per annum. f Forhthe crénsuls-general at Kanagawa, Llontmrg, and Berlin, each our thousand dollars per annum twe ve thousan ollars. _ For the consuls— general at Vienna, Frankfort, Rome, and Constantinople, each three thousand dollars per annum, twelve thousand dollars. For the consulsgeneral at Saint Petersburg and Mexico, each two thousand dollars per annum, four thousand dollars. Cpnsul at Liver. For the consul at Liverpool, six thousand dollars per annum. pcdlerks at cunsu- For allowance for clerks at consulates as follows z lahés, 2 F 2_ To the consul-general at Havana and the consul at Liverpool, each a am, @0. la ”· > sum not exceeding the rate of three thousand dollars for any one year; and to the consuls-general at London, Paris, and Shanghai, each a sum not exceeding the rate of two thousand dollars for any one year; to the consuls-general at Berlin, V1enna, Frankfort, and Montreal, and to the eonsuls at_Hamburg, Bremen, Leipsic, Lyons, Manchester, Beirut, Belfast, Brrmmgham, Bradford, Chemnitz, Sheilield, Sonneberg, Dresden, Havre, Marseilles, Fayal, Nuremberg, Leith, Naples, Stuttgart, Mannheim and Tunstall, each aiisum not exceeding one thousand five hundred o ars or any one year ty-one thousand dollars. lnterpreters to For interpreters to tire consulates at Shanghai, Tien-Tsin Fowchow, °°¤¤“]¤”°’·' and Kanagawa, at two thousand dollars each, eight thousand dollars. m,}E"‘*>;6”5·‘°· 35 For interpreters to the consulates at Hankow, Amoy, Canton, and ”’p'IlI({{lg~KODg, at seven hundred and nfty dollars each, three thousand 0 ars.