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FORTY—T HIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 131. 1875. 419 the arrangement of the American department of the exposition, or the performance of other dutiesimposed upon them by the State Department for ai period of more than seventy-nve days, as shown by the records on ills in the Stew Department. A Sec. 8. That the proper accounting officers of the Treasury are hereby p,;m L_ Smith authorized, in the settlement of the accounts of John L. Smith, lute Indian agent to the Otoes, new deceased, to consider and adjust the same upon the best evidence accessible to them, allowing such credits, as may seem just and equitable, and with the concurrence of the Secretary of the Interior. Sscm. 9. That the military academy band, shall consist of one teacher Band at Military of music, who shall be leader of the baud, and may be a civilian, and of AMT0H1y- forty enlisted musicians of the baud Sec. 10. That the teacher of music shell receive ninety dollars per Pay or baud. mouth, one ration, and the allowance of fuel of a second lieutenant of the army; and that of the enlisted musicians of the band, ten shall each be paid thirty-four dollars peranouth: and the remaining thirty shall . each be paid thirty dollars per month ; and that the enlisted musicians of the band shall have the beneiits as to png, arising from re-enlistments and length of service, applicable to other enlisted men of the army. Smo. 11. That John T. Ensor, Zephaninh Poteet, and the other sure- Jolm_T. Enser, ties of David L. Stanton, late collector of internal revenue for tho fifth g°1’“““'j¥‘ ?°;g’”· district of Maryland, by bond to the United States dated April the Vi3"f"§°Qzf3Q’,, ,2; twenty-fom·th, in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred aud sixty-nine, leased;. &e. ’ be, and they are hereby released from their said liability arising from any defalcatiou of the said David L. Stanton, as such collector, and the proper officer of the Treasury Department be and he is hereby, authorized and directed to dismiss any and all suits that may have been instituted and are now pending in favor of the United States uga-iust the sureties aforesaid growing out of the default of the said collector. Sec. 12. That section thirty-three hundred and nine of the revised 1z.s.,s::0s>,p.c44, statutes be so amended that the word seventy, wherever it occurs in the ‘*“’°”“°d· same, shall be stricken out and the word ninety be substituted therefor. Smo. 13. That section four of the act of Congress entitled f*An act for 1374, c_ 331, S_ 4, the government of the District of Columbia, and for other purposes " me,p.111,ume¤u- approved June twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, be and edthe same is hereby amended so as to substitute the word “Juue" for the word “March/’ and so as to provide that it shall be the duty of the collector of taxes to prepare a complete list of all taxes and property LM of mm, iu upon which the same are assessed in arrears on the `iirst day of June, mem. eighteen hundred and seventy-five, and he shall within ten days thereantler publish the same with a. notice of sale in the regular issue of a Aavmmmennor daily newspaper published in said District to be designated by the com- ¤<>li<=¤· missioners of the District twice a week for two successive weeks, givgng notice that if said taxes in arrears together with the penalties and costs, that may have accrued thereon shall not be paid prior to the day named ibr sale the property will be sold, by said collector at public auction at the south front of the court house on the twenty-ninth day June, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, between the hours of ten o’clock A. and two o’clock P. M. of said day. Upon the day and at the place specined as aforesaid said collector shall proceed to sell any and all property Saleofdelinquent upon which such taxes remain unpaid, and shall continue to sell the same P¤>l><=1*¤y· from day to day thereafter between the hours aforesaid until all the property aforesaid shall have been brought to auction. Certificates of Certificates of sale and conveyances shall be made to the purchasers at such sale m g*;1g“¤¤‘l °°¤V°5'· accordance with the provisions of an act of the legislative assembly ‘ approved August twenty-third, eighteen hundred and seventy-o¤e,_eutn tied “An act prescribing the duties of certain officers for the District of Columbia and fixing their compensation, except that the deeds shall be executed by the commissioners of the District or thexr successors 111 office, instead of the governor and secretary. Said sale shall be subject to the same privileges of redemption that are prescrxhed by said act of _Rightof redempihe legislative assembly approved August twentymhird eighteen hun- ¤¤“·