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FORTYYTHIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 132. - 1875. 423 or more of the inspectors at least twice in each year is hereby re- 187% <=;1$8· B- 6» P 0a19d_ repealed m part. For necessary traveling-expenses of three Indian inspectors, six thou- Travel or insand dollars. ¤1>¤¢*<>¤‘¤· _ I For buildings at agencies, and repairs of the same, ten thousand dol- jxé-;¢¤¤¤V b ¤1l<l· ars. For vaccine matter and vaccination of Indians, five hundred dollars. V=w<=i¤¤¤i¤¤· For contingencies of the Indian service, including traveling, inci- 0<>¤ti¤s¢¤¢ ¤>¤· dental, current, and contingent expenses of superintendents and agents, P°“S°”· and of their offices, thirty thousand dollars. APACHES, KIOWAS, AND OOMANCHES. For eighth of thirty instalments, as provided to be expended under Vol. 15, pp. 584, the tenth article of treaty of October twenty-iirst, eighteen hundred 590- and sixty-seven, concluded at Medicine Led ge Creek, in Kan as, with the Kiowas and Oomancbes, and under the third article of treaty of the same date with the Apaches, thirty thousand dollars. For purchase of clothing, as provided in the same treaties, twenty- six thousand dollars. For pay of carpenter, farmer, blacksmith, miller, and engineer, nve thousand two hundred dollars. i For pay of physician and teacher, two thousand five hundred dollars. For transportation of goods, four thousand dollars: Provided, That WM #0 have the foregoing stated appropriations for the Apaches, Kiowas, and Co- l’f?‘°“°f“Y’I"°I’“' manches shall be expended only in behalf of those Indians who go and °” 1°°` remain upon reservations and refrain from hostilities. ARICKAREES, GROS VENTRES, AND MANDANS. For this amount, to be expended in such goods, provisions, and other Ar-icknrees, Gros articles as the President may, from time to time, determine, including V°¤**¢¤» Md MMP transportation thereof, in instructing in agricultural and mechanical dn"' pursuits, in providing employees, educating children, procuring medicine and medical attendance, care for and support of the aged, sick, and infirm, for the helpless orphans of said Indians, and in any other respect to promote their civilization, comfort, and improvement, eighty- five thousand dollars: 1’roz·€dcd, That ten thousand dollars of said amount be available immediately. APACHES OF ARIZONA AND NEW MEXICO. For this amount, to subsist and properly care for the Apache Indians Apaches. in Arizona and New Mexico who have been or may be collected on reservations in New Mexico and Arizona, namely, for those in Arizona, three hundred and fifty thousand dollars ; and for those in New Mexico, one hundred thousand dollars, in all, four hundred and fifty thousand dollars: Provided, That this appropriation shall be expended only in behalf of those Indians who go and remain upon said reservations and refrain from hostilities, and only in proportion to the number so located on the reservation and retraining from hostilities as compared with the whole number of said tribe. · ARAPAHOES, OHEYENNES, APACHES, KIOWAS, COMAN- CHES, AND WIOHITAS. For subsistence of Arapaho, Cheyenne, Apache, Kiowa, Comanche, Al-ap¤noes,C1iey- and Wichita Indians, (and transportation of the same,) who have been ?P°¤: AP*b°h°¤» collected upon the reservations set apart for their use and occupation, chg'; `§§§;m,;’;'f'”‘"‘ three hundred thousand dollars: Provided, That this appropriation—· ’ shall be expended only on behalf of those Indians who go and remain who tonavcncnupon said reservations and refrain from hostilities. crit, &c.