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FORTYJPHIRD CONGRESS. Sess. `I. Ch. ‘425.“ 1874. 597 To Pierce Butler, one hundred and twenty-four dollars. Payment ofclaims To Chester C. Gaver, administrator of the estate of William Butts, “·]¥°‘Y°d by the °°”" deceased, one hundred and sixty-nine dollars. __ _ _ ;’;1;§'§fT’ t° P"' To Ruth Carter, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. virginia, To William Gather, two hundred and dftythree dollars. To Maria Charity, twenty-five dollars. _ To John Chivis, nineteen dollars and fifty cents. · ‘ To John {D. Clark, five thousand two hundred and fifty-five dollars. To Mark Coles, one hundred and seventy dollars. _ ` To Abner Conard, five hundred and eighty-seven dollars and twenty. cents. . . . To Harrison Cooper, five hundred and seventy-nine dollars. To Frank E. Corbett, four hundred and fifty-nine dollars. To William J. Courtney, three hundred and eighty dollars. To David Crone, five hundred and sixty dollars. To Nace Dade, one hundred dollars. To Elijah Deaton, two hundred dollars. _ To Eliza J. Deming, four hundred and forty dollars; “V To Sophia E. Demory, executrix of the estate of* Mahlon Demory,. deceased, four hundred and seven dollars and sixty two cents.- To Eli Derry, two hundred and twentyeight dollars. . To George W. Derry, six h ndred and fourteen dollars. To John P. Derry, one hundred and twentyhve dollars. To Philip Derry, tour hundred andfour dollars. _ . To Larkin Dewese, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. · To Edward Dick, one thousand two hundred and forty-two dollars. To William T. Dickinson, two hundred and sixteen dollars. · To James M. Dillard, three thousand two hundred and ten dollars. To Henry W. Dixon, two hundred and seventyhve dollars. To Allen and Robert P. Dodge, two thousand two hundred and twenty- seven dollars. _ To J ames Donaldson, six hundred and ten dollars and sixteen cents. To Thompson Dougherty, one hundred and dfty-three dollars. To Mary Dudley, executrix of the estate of Trueworthy Dudley, doceased, one thousand and fifteen dollars. To Jesse Dun gcy, one hundred and fifty dollars. e To William W. Dunlap, one hundred and fifty dollars. To John Dyson, one thousand eight hundred and ninetyitwo dollars and fifty cents. · , - To James K. East, one hundred and fifteen dollars. To William Elliott, six hundred and sixty-five dollars. - To Elizabeth Elmore, three hundred and thirty three dollars and eighty cents. To Mary J. Fenton, one hundred and twenty-nve dollars. To Sarah A. Fessenden, five hundred dollars. . To Samuel Foltz, three thousand five hundred and thirty-one dollars. To Matthew and Jane Ford, one hundred and sixty dollars. To Josiah D. Forrest, thirty dollars. To Edmund Foster, seventy dollars. To William Fowler, four hundred and ten dollars. To the estate of John Fox, deceased, to be paid to John S. Byrne, Receiver of the circuit court of Fauquier county, Virginia, to be by him reported to said court to be distributed according to the will of John Fox, deceased, seven thousand five hundredand forty-five dollars. To Thomas Fox, four hundred and seventy-three dollars. _ To Randal Gale, fifty dollars. Do Alfred W. Gardner, ten thousand dollars. To James L. Gardner, one hundred and twentyfive dollars. To Thomas Garland, tour hundred dollars. · To Oliver Gaskins, senior, two hundred and thirty-nine dollars. To Oliver Gaskins, second, three hundred and sixty-five dollars To Oliver Gaskins, third, three hundred and fifty-five dollars.