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Prohibition <>¤ ex- hibitionbe imposed on the- expor- deiguales articulosparacualquiera P°’°“ ““d '““P°""“· tation orsimportatiou of any arti-, -,0tro pais extrangerohui se estab- ' cles the produce or manufactures leceraprohibicion. alguna respecto of the United States, or of the Re- a la iinportaciou 6 exportaciou de public of Salvador, to or from the cualesquiera articulos del producto territories of the United States, natural 6 manufacturado de los teror to or from the territories of the ritorios de la Republics del Salva- Bepublicof Salvador, which shall dor pam los Estados Unidos, 6 de not equally, extend to all other na- los territories -de ·los Estados tions. ’ " · . ·Unidos para los de la Republics - `del Salvador,que no seaigualmento estensiva a las otras naciones. Anrrenn 6TH.' Anrfcrn:.o‘ 60; » F'{°° HWS In order to preventitle possibil- A ilu de remover la posibilidad 2;,;§,;°:br1g°}’; ,,0;; ity of any misunderstanding, it is de cualquiera mala inteligencia ages from my pm, hereby declared that the stipula con respecto 6 lostresarticulos an- _ tions contained in- the `three pre- teriores, se declare nquisque las esceding articles are, to their full ex- tipulaeiones contenldas en ellos sou tent,Uupplicab1e to the vessels of aplicables en to’da suestension at the nited States, and their car- los buques del Salvador y sus cangoes, arriving in the ports of Salm- gameutos quearribeu a los puertcs dor, and reciprocally to the vessels de los, Estados Unidos, y reciprocaof the said Republic of Salvador, mentea los buques de l6srEstudos and their cargoes, arriving in the Unidos ysus cargamentosjque arports of the United States, whether riben a ·lo _ puertos deL,jSalva>d0r, they proceed from the ports of the seaque prccedan·de.1os-pnbrtos del country to which they respectively pais 6. que ellos belong or from the ports of any oth- pectivamenteé de os de cualqniera . ’ er foreign country; and, in either otro pa/is e£ti·m1gerb· y que ,en _ No discriuiinvt- case, no discriminating duty shall ning11n casojseiuipondraécobrura

      • 8 d““Y» &°· be imposed or collected in the derechoialgnifoqdifetencial en los

ports of either country on said yes- puertosde los- dosvpaises sobre los sels, or their cargoes, whether the dichos buques 6 sus cargamentos, same shall be of native or foreign ya sean-estos del producto 6 manuproduce or manufacture. factura nacional, 6 del producto 6 . manufacture extrangera. ‘A1tr1c:r.n 71*11.Anricuno 7**. _ . Reciprocal liberty It is likewise agreed that it shell ‘» .Se conviene ademas, que sera of ¢=iti¤s—>¤¤ l><>¤‘¤¤¤·he wholly free for all merchants, enteramente libre a los comercian-‘ "°" b““‘“°"· commanders of ships, and other tes,' capitanes de `buques, y otros citizens of both countries, to man- ciudadancs de umbos paises maneage, by themselves or agentsgtheir jara su voluntad sus negocios por own business, in all the ports and si mismos 6 por medic de sus agenplaces subjectto the jnrisdictionof tes, eu todo los puertos y lugares each other, as well with respect to sujetos a lajurisdiccion del uno 6 the consignments and sale of their del otro, tanto con respeto 6. las goodsand merchandise, by whole-. consignaciones y ventas por mayor sale or ietail, as with respect to 6 menor de sus efectcs y mercadethe loading,un1oading,' and send- rias, como con respeto a la carga, ing of their ships; they being in descarga ydespacho de sus buques all these cases to be treated as citi- u otros negocios, debieudo en todos zens of the country in which they estos cases ser tratados como ciureside, or at least to be placed on dadanos del pais en que residan, an equality with the subjects or oconsiderados al ménos bajo igual citizens of the most favored nation. pie' que los subditos 6 ciudadanos · de la nacion mas fuvorecida.