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764 CONVENTION-SWEDEN AND N OKWAY. MARCH 15, 1873. and 6 cents per pound for other correspondence; nor shall the charge for the sea-conveyance thereof, between England and the United Kingdoms, exceed 2· cents per single-letter_rate, or 6 cents per ounce net weight of letter-mails, and 6 cents per pound for other correspondence. S,,,,,,,,,,, by dipégt It is also agreed that the entire cost of the sea transportation bestcamship. tween the boundaries of the respective countries, by any direct line of steamsliips adapted_to the conveyance of mails, and employed by the respective post-oinces, shall not exceed 2 cents for each single-letter rate, or 6 cents per ounce, net weight, of letter-mails, and 6 cents per pound ‘ of other correspondence. . S,.,,.,,,,,, 0,, dosed It is further stipulated that the Atlantic sea rate on the correspondence mails through Ger- sent in closed ir ails through Germany shall not exceed·5 cents per 30 ¤¤¤¤y- grammes of letters, and 10 cents per kilogramme of other correspondence. _ Re - imhursement It is also understood and agreed that the Norwegian Post-Otlice shall OH ¤l¤¤¤d ¤¤¤i1¤ be`re-imbursed for the closed mails sent through Germany, which have tbmugh G°““““Y‘ been forwarded by the direct steamboat line between Ohristanssand . and Hamburg, worked on Norwegian account, by a sum correspondingto the Swedish and Danish rate of transit for closed mails sent through Sweden and Denmark. ` · Anrxonm 7. Po s tuge, how Ordinary letters may be sent prepaid or unpaid,but on registered let- P¤id· ters, and on all other correspondence mentioned in the second paragraph of the iirst article, prepayment shall be obligatory. Aarrorn 8. . - Registered articles shall,_in addition to the posta e be sub’ect to a f,,“§§f“““°°“"“°‘°*rogister as of so are m sweden, of s skilling an norday, and oi s cents · in the United States. This fee, as well as the postage, shall always be prepaid. Each oiliqe is at liberty to reduce this fee for the mails it despatches. - ‘ Anxricnn. 9. . _ _ What may be reg- Any correspondence may be registered,as well the international as that istcred. ‘ originating in or destined for other countries to which the post-offices of the contracting countries may serve as intermediaries for the transmission of such registered articles. · Notice orintermo- Each office shall notify the other of the countries to which it may dm? ¤<>YVi°°- serve as intermediary. _ ·. i' Anrxcm 10. Acgountg on ax- The accounts on the international correspondence, exchanged in change of corre- either direction, shall be adjusted and settled oh--the following basis, Sl)0D(l8ll08, l10W Wd- viz : · _‘ . ·i“S°°?‘ I. Between Sweden and the United States: From the total amount of international postages and register fees for correspondence between Sweden and the United States, collected in Sweden, the Sweden Postal Administration- shall deduct the amount which, without exceeding the highest rates agreed upon, has- been paid lor the conveyance of the mails to the frontier of the United States. From the total amountof international postages and register fees, for correspondence exchanged between~Sweden and the United States, col~‘ lected in the United States, the*Postal Administration of the United States shall, in like manner, deduct-the amount which, without exceeding the highest rates agreed upon, has been paid for the conveyance of the mails to the frontier of Sweden, (orof Norway, in case of conveyance by direct steamship communication, or through England.) · Of the amount of the two net sumsrthus obtained, Sweden shall receive one moiety and the United States the other. II. Between Norway and the United States: