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94 FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. I. Ch. 213, 214, 220. 1876. 1-isn of ¤¤}‘*¤l6- a lien upon the property on or against which they are issued. And it °*l‘°· the said certificates are not paid within one year, the said Commissioners of the District of Columbia shall, upon the application of the holder _ $#116 vf Pmvefty thereof', proceed to sell the property against which they are issued, or g;‘1_,‘}‘é“£g$'“’°““ °*` so much thereof as may be necessary to pay said tax; such sales to be I ° ° nrst duly advertised, daily, for one week, in some newspaper published in the city of Washington, and to be made at public auction to the highest bidder; and a deed given by the said Commissioners of the District of Columbia in pursuance hereof shall be deemed and held to be a good and perfect title to any property bought at such sale hereby authorized: Provided, That the owner of said real estate shall have the RM, t. right to redeem the property sold by paying the amount of purchase- , °mp '°"‘ money and ten per centum, with costs, on the amount of the said pur- _ _ ‘ chase, within one year from the date of the sale. ` C°"“““ P°'*·'°“ Sec. 7. That the said pavin gcom mission shall not repave that portion Qgfegg lf§cr°p”€d’ of Pennsylvania avenue between Ninth and Tenth streets on the north ’ ° side of the railroad track, unless it may be necessary for them so to do to perfect the whole system. Where street-railroads cross Pennsylvania avenue, the pavement between their tracks shall conform to the kind of _ _ pavement used on the said avenue; and the companies owning these in- I¤l’°'“°°*‘“H*°'1" tersecting railroads shall pay for paving the same in the same manner _ r°°'d°' and proportion as is required, by section three, of the Georgetown and Washirigtori Railroad Company.. W“°’ and SM Sec. 8. That it shall be the duty of the Commissioners of the District m“"°°’ °°°' of Columbia to see that all water and gas mains service-pipes, and sewer- · connections are laid without delay to the contractors betore the pavement authorized by this act is put down; and it shall be the duty of the board of water-commissioners and of the Washington Gas-Light Company, under the direction of the said pavingcommissioners, to take up, lay, and replace all gas-pipes, water-mains, and connections on said Pennsylvania avenue, at such time and places as said paving-commis Wooden paving- sion may direct; and the old wood paving-blocks, which are required l>1<>¤k¤-to be removed under this act, shall be delivered to the said Commissioners of the District of Columbia for such use or disposition as they may see fit to make. A1>pr¤pri¤i=i¤¤· Sec. 9. That the sum of three thousand dollars is hereby appropriated out of any money in the Treasury of the United States not heretofore appropriated, and a like amount is directed to be paid by the District Expenses of com- of Columbia Commissioners to the said paving-commission, to defray m‘”‘°”·the necessary expenses of said commission. Approved, July 19, 1876. July 19.1876- CHAP. 214.—A.n act for chan `ng the name of the steam-propeller "Sens.tor Mike "—""""'"" Niorten " to "America..” Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United ,, $*;*1*}*: €§;*°E*,;’; States of Amerika. in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Treas- Norton., changed_ ury be, and is hereby, authorized and directed to change the name of the steam-propeller ‘* Senator Mike Norton” to "America,” and grant a new register for the same. Approved, July 19, 1876. ` July 21, 1876. CHAP. 220.-—An act to provide for the sale of the Fort Kearney military reservation "*"*; in the State of Nebraska. Whereas the tract of land in the State of Nebraska known as the · Fort Kearney military reservation is no longer needed_ or used for militntgy purposes, and has been abandoned by the military authorities: ere ore,