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0 FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 246.. 1876. 121 the direetion of the Commissioner of the General Land-Office, with the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, aud at such rates us the Secretary of the Interior shall prescribe, not exceeding the rote herein authorized: Provided, That no lands shall be surveyed under this appropriation, Proviso. except, first, those adopted to agriculture without nrtitloial irrigation ; second, irrigable lands, or such as can be redeemed and for which there is sufficient. accessible water for the reclamation and cultivation of che same not; otherwise utilized or claimed; third, timbenlands bearing timber of commercial value; fourth, cool-lands containing coal of commercial value; fifth exterior boundary of town-sites ; sixth, private land claims. The costs of such surveys shall not; exceed ten dollars per 00* of ¤¤"°5'· mile for standard lines, mid the starting point for said survey may be S*°»F*i¤S P°i¤'¤¤· established by triangulation, seven dollars for town ships, and six dollars ibn- section lines, except that the Commissioner of the General Land Qiiice may allow for the survey of standard lines in heavily timbered land a. sum not exceeding thirteen dollars per mile. suv f . For survey of private land claims, twenty-five thousand dollars. ,,,,,8 1,,_$,¥,sc{:,,ml:1` _ Th21C HH UCCUPEUJC 30COD1lb Sllllll UG l(€pD (5H0h SI1I'V€y()I'-gCl.lCI’2ll of Accounts ofcost, the cost of surveying und plotting every private loud claim, to be reported to the General Land-Office with the mop of such claim; and that _ _ at patent shall not issue nor shall any copy of any such survey be fur- ¥;‘?·f°“,° “°*’”“°d ` nished for any such private claim until the cost; of survey and platting lm I ’° °* shall have been paid into the Treasury of the United States by the party _ or parties in interest, in said grunt. or by any other party: And provided P”°‘"“°‘ further, Tlmb before any land granted to any railroad company by the United States shall be conveyed to such company, or any persons entitled thereto under uny of the nots incorporating or relating to said company, unless such company is exempted by low from the payment of such costs, there shall first be paid into the Treasury of the United States the Cost of survey- eost of surveying, selecting, and conveying the same by the said com- me Mud s¤¤¤·¤¢¤- pany or persons in interest. For completion of surveys of Pawnee reservation in Nebraska, and S“”"'2,Y6’f P““" Otoe reservation in Kansas and Nebraska, ten thousand dollars. or so g$$,,;2,,s_ 00 my much thereof as may be necessary, the whole amount of the cost: of such surveys to be re-imbursed to the Treasury out of the proceeds of the sale of such reservations respectively. , That the land offices at Chillicothe, Ohio,Indianapolis,Indiana., Spring- wpd <>¤‘i¤<>¤ M field, Illinois, and the otilce of the recorder of land-titles of the Stzyte of g:“u‘°",l’ h°¤ 1**, Missouri are hereby abolished, trom and after the thirtieth day of Sep- tember next and the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to recorcler of la.ud— transier to the States respectively aforesaid such of the transcripts, ¢i¤<>€· <>f MiS¤<>¤¤‘i documents, and records of the offices aforesaid as muy not be required ”’b°“"h°‘l· tor use of the United States, and as the States respectively in which said offices are situated may desire to pre»erve; und the otHco of the f“,Q’°Y°r‘P¥‘*“f,"E surveyor-general of Kansas is hereby abolished troxu und after the thir- ?,,h0d_a"°” a' ° Lieth of September next. PUBLIC LANDS. For rent of office of the S\1I'\’(*_§'01`·g(5Ut*TLll of Louisiana, fuel, books, RW? °f°m°°§°f stationery, and other ueoessaries, one thousand dollars. °“f,‘Q3;’f;,,*';;°,"°'“1‘ For rent of office of surveyorygeuerol of Florida, fuel, books, station- Florida; ’ ery, and other necessaries, one thousand dollars. _ For rent of ofiiee of surveyor·gene1·:1l of Minnesota, fuel, stationery, M¤¤¤°¤°°=’·i books, and other necessaries, fifteen hundred dollars. For rent of office of surveyor-general of Dakota., fuel, books, station- Dakomi ery, aud other necessaries, Gfteeu hundred dollurs. For rent of office of surveyorgenoml of Colorado, fuel, books, sta.- C°1°"*d°5 biouery, and other necessaries, one thousand five hundred dollars. For rent of oflioe of surveyor·geue:·al ot New Mexico, fuel, books, NW M<¤i¤¤; stationery, and other necessaries, one thousand five hundred dollars. _ _ For rent of office of surveyor general of California., fuel, books, sm- C“hf°”“"’“? tionery, and other incidental expenses, three thousand dollars.