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FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 259, 260. 1876. 129 Sec. 7. That nothing in this act shall be so construed as to prevent Right of K¤·¤¤¤¤ said land from being taxed under the laws of the State of Kansas, as “’ “‘x· _ other lands are or may be taxed in said State, from and after the time the first payment is made on said land, according to the provisions of is ac .‘ Sec. 8. That the said railroads or either of them shall have the right Ra i 1 w aye to to purchase such subdivisions of lands as are located outside of the have ¤`lShU° 9*** right of way, heretofore granted to them, and which were occupied by °h“" °°"‘"“ 1*****] them on said tenth day of April, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, for stock-yards, storage-houses, or any other purposes legitimately connected with the operation and business of said roads, whenever the same does not conflict with a settler who in good faith made a settlement prior to the occupation of said lands by said railroad company or companies, in the same manner and at the same price settlers are authorized to purchase under the provisions of this act. Approved, August 11, 1876. CHAP. 260.-An act to amend sub-sections two hundred and forty-six and two Aug 1l,l876- hundred and fifty-one of section twelve, of an act entitled "An act making appro- ‘ ‘" ;···"*· priations for the service of the Post Ofdce Department for the fiscal year ending June thirtictli, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, and for other purposes" approved , June twenty-third, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, and for other purposes, and section thirtymine hundred and fifty-four of the Revised Statutes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That sub-sections two hundred 1874, <=l¤-456,9 12. and forty-six and two hundred and fifty-one of section twelve, of an act W S*‘"l“;·l23"· entitled ** An act making appropriations for the service of the Post Office i§{'§i'°§§§),_ ,,_ qq2_ Department for the fiscal year ending Juno thirticth, eighteen hundred ainoiniein. and seventy-five, and for other purposes," approved June the twenty- RS-,3946,1·-770. third, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, and for other purposes, and ““‘°"‘l"‘*· also to amend section thirty-nine hundred and fifty-four of the Revised Statutes be amended as follows: “SEO. 246. That before the bond of a bidder, provided for in 0M1¤9>¤f ¤¤¤¤ti<>¤ the aforesaid section, is approved, there shall be indorsed thereon the ffllf "';"‘{‘€°{*,f"’ oaths of the sureties therein, taken before an officer qualified to admin- Q§,.,.;,,,g’;f,f,§T” ister oaths, that they are owners of real estate worth in the aggregate a sum double the amount of said bond, over and above all debts due and owing by them, and all judgments, mortgages, and executions against them, after allowing all exemptions of every character whatever. Accompanying said bond and as a part thereof, there shall be rumuogmom, a series of interrogatories, in print or writing, to be prescribed by the to ac com pany Postmaster-General, and answered by the sureties under oath showing b°“d· · the amount of real estate owned by them, a brief description thereof, and its probable value, where it is situated, in what county und State the record evidence of their title exists. And if any surety shall knowingly Penalty for false and willfully swear falsely to any statement made under the provisions °°*’b- of this section he shall be deemed guilty of perjury, and, on conviction thereof, be punished as is provided by law for commission of the crime of pe1;jury.” “ SEO. 251. That after any regular bidder who e bid has been accepted R. S., 3951, p. 771, shall fail to enter into contract for the transportation of the mails ac- ¤m°¤d°d· cording to his proposals, or having entered into contract, shall fail to Proceedings on commence the performance of the service stipulated in his or their con- {-,,,1,m, of lowest tract as therein provided, the Postmaster-General shall proceed to con- bidder to enter intract with the next lowest bidder or bidders in the order of their bids, *0 °<>¤$m°*»°°°- tor the same service, who will enter into a contract for the performance thereof, unless the Postmaster—General shall consider such bid or bids too high, and in case each of said bids shall be considered too high, then the Postmaster-General shall be authorized to enter into contract, at a price less than that named in said bids, with any person, whether XIX—9 ~