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138 FOBTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 267. 1876, 'F<~¤»nessccRiver. For tho improvement of the Tennessee River, two hundred and seventy thousand dollars; fifteen thousand dollars of which are to be expended above Chattanooga, and the remaining two hundred and fifty- livo thousand dollars are to be expended upon Muscle Shoals. $0}**11 PM? of 'l‘o ascertain in current and next fiscal years, as required by act of g{_‘“i}““'l°p’ ?‘V‘”`* March third, eighteen hundred and seventyive, the depth of water and p X0 wa on . width of channel secured and maintained, from time to time, by James B. Eads, at South Pass of the Mississippi River, and to enable the Sec- 1875.%-134. rotary of War to report during the construction of the work the pay. 18 S“"“··'m3· ments made from time to time and the probable times of other pay- ments, and to report during the construction of the work all important facts relating to the progress of the same, materials used, and the character and permanency with which the said jettce and auxiliary works _ _ are being constructed, fifteen thousand dollars. » C°"’“‘b'°# R"'“ For the construction of a canal around the cascades of the Columbia 0mm' River in the State of Oregon, ninety thousand dollars ; of which amount the Secretary of War is authorized to expend so much as, in his judg- Proviso. ment, may be necessary and proper to secure title and right of way for canal and locks, not exceeding the sum of ten thousand dollars; and whenever, in the prosecution of the said work, it shall have become necessary to obtain the right of way over any lands for the said canal and locks, the Secretary of War shall take possession of and use the said lands, after having purchased the same, or, in case the said lands cannot be purchased for a reasonable price, then after having paid for the same, or secured the value thereof, which value may be ascertained in the mode provided by the laws of Oregon for the condemnation of lands for public uses in that State. The Department of Justice shall represent the interests of the United States in any legal proceedings under this act to obtain the right of way for said canal. ` Racine. For the improvement of the harbor at Racine, Wisconsin eight thousand dollars. . _ G=~1V<>¤t<>¤¤B=w· For the continuing of the work on the ship-channel in Galveston Bay, ' seventy-two thousand dollars; to be expended between Red Fish Bar and Morgan’s Point. _ Mouth of Mi¤¤i¤· For the improvement of the mouth of the Mississippi River, one hun- "'l;};}O{g‘;)°"· drcd thousand dollars: Provided, That this appropriation shall not bc ' available whenever and so long as there shall be an open channel of eighteen feet of water, at mean tide, to and from the sea through the South Pass of the Mississippi River to the port of New Orleans. Ilow appropria- It shall be the duty of the Secretary of War to apply the moneys tions t<»1><·=¤ri>li~l herein appropriated as far as may be by contract, except when specific ““‘l °Xp°“d°d· estimates cannot be made for the particular work, or where, in the judgment of said Secretary, the work cannot be contracted at prices advantageous to the Government, and except the appropriations made for examinations and surveys; and such contracts shall be made after suf iicient public advertisement for proposals, in such form and manner as the Secretary of War shall prescribe; and such contracts shall be made with the lowest responsible bidders therefor, accompanied by such securities as the Secretary of War shall require. Survey or snip- SEo. 2. That the Secretary of War is hereby directed to cause a surchmmel in G¤l"°¤· vey for a ship channel through Galveston Bay, beginning at twelve t"" Bar feet water in the mouuth of the San Jacinto River, and running out of the mouth of said river east of Morgan’s Point to the present channel, through Red Fish Bar; thence through the same, extending through Galveston Harbor, passing west of Half1Moon Shoals and Pelican Island, and to twelve feet waterin Galveston Channel; and to cause an estimate of thecost of the same to be made, and of the comparative merits of the same, with the route to the head of Bolivar Channel ; and of the effects of the completion of each of said channels on the Galveston Harbor as to shoaling or deepening the same, and report the same to Congress by the first day of December, eighteen hundred and seventysix, the cost thereof, not to exceed ten thousand dollars, to be paid out of the forty thousand